Original Collection Strategy

Blibbiat Colony 257BP Use the colony’s Normal Attack – Fly Around – to stop your opponent’s active Batamon from retreating, and then on the next turn, blast it with a massive 220 damage from Venomous Bites. This combination could KO the strongest Batamon in the whole Field type, which holds over 20 Batamon!
Scorchen Chick 11BP You may think, why would you want an 11BP in your squad, but I’ll tell you why. If you have 12x Scorchen Egg, you can draw 12 Scorchen, basically doubling the number of Batamon in your pack. If you then used Power Multiply, you could draw another 24 Batamon, doubling your squad numbers again.
Apliun Ex 332BP This is an extremely powerful Batamon to have in your pack. Using Brush Aside, you can basically choose who to inflict damage on. And then his Super Attack does a Massive 250. Use his Super Attack – Tonne Squash – when Apliun is very close to being KOed.
Laizep 401BP If you have Laizep and Laizep ex, you can play with Laizep. Then when he’s right close to being KOed, use his Super Attack to draw Laizep ex, which will have full HP. Laizep ex’s Super Attack can KO any Batamon. Use Disintegrator Ray on your opponent’s best Batamon.
Poyzendrake 128BP Poyzendrake is strong, and is particularly good against weaker opponents. His Super Attack (poisoned drinks) inflicts 30 damage on all your opponent’s inactive Batamon, KOing all your opponent’s Batamon with less than 35HP left. This attack is also a good one for ruining opponent’s strategies that depend on Quantity, rather than Quality, and finishing off any extremely powerful Batamon, that are close to being KOed.
Ambushippo 71BP Ambushippo is relatively strong, but I mainly chose him for his SA. His Super Attack – Ambush – stops your opponent’s active Batamon using their Super Attack. Many of the attacks that are going to seriously hurt your pack are Super Attacks, and many strategies rely on Super Attacks too.
Kuebolb 62BP Kuebolb’s Super Attack – Cupid Love – stops a particular Batamon from attacking Kuebolb. Use Cupid Love against one of your opponent’s stronger Batamon.
Dragunner 323BPDragunner is strong, and his Super Attack: Armed Raid is an extremely powerful attack. It both does Mega Damage to your opponent’s Batamon, and it steals 5 Supplies. With an ML of 7, Dragunner can probably take these supplies for himself.
Dragunner would be my Pack Leader!
Blaamenak Series Beta 219BP Another Strong Batamon, with a very strong Super Attack. His Super Attack takes your opponent’s Knowledge, which is quite unusual and special. He also has a massive 9 ML, and 4 Endurance.
Gasigos 159BP Gasigos is a strong Batamon with good HP. He is also Urban Type. There are no resistances against Urban. His SA also has a chance to inflict mega damage, but it is not definite.
Horasid 23BP After you’ve used attacks that draw a lot of Seadabuz, which is actually quite common, use Horasid’s SA- Seed Surround, which inflicts more damage for each Horasid and Seadabuz in your pack. For each 4 Seadabuz you draw with Strong Winds, this attack inflicts 80 more damage!
Seadabuz 12BP you can use this card to multiply numbers of Seadabuz in your pack. If you have tens and tens of Seadabuz, they can be useful for using up the Endurance of your opponent’s Batamon that you don’t want to battle yet. Also, they are useful for powering up the damage of your Horasid’s Seed Surround. If you draw 4 Seadabuz, and then drew 4 Seadabuz with each of those Seadabuz, you would have a total of 21 Seadabuz, and then 85. With 21 Seed surround would do 440 damage, and with 85 it would do 1720 damage!!