Fractured Bone Poem


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45 comments on “Fractured Bone Poem

  1. thanks for liking my poem! i’m really enjoying yours. i especially like the sounds in this one. makes it seem very real… and painful!

    i think i still need a lot of practice though, as i don’t know how to write one that doesn’t rhyme. what do you think about poems that don’t rhyme??

  2. Sublime! I’m going to share it on my blog. It resonates strongly as I broke my femur at the end of last year. As an actress, I can certainly confirm that it is marvellous to speak aloud. Thank you so much for liking my post about my art at the Edinburgh Festival.

  3. Made me recall the femur I fractured falling off a ladder while attempting to climb through the bathroom window on the second floor. That was such a special time. :) Great little poem, thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

  4. This brings to mind not only a rich family history of klutziness resulting in audible bone cracks (my left foot was the most recent victim), but the wonderful term I first heard when an orthopedist applied it to my three-year-old’s through-and-through fractures from a fall: as I looked, horrified, at the x-rays, he said “Don’t worry: it’s a greenstick injury.” Sure enough, she was completely healed within six short weeks. At that age, it is as if they bend without breaking, like a young plant–even when they break.

  5. I like the rhyme. Its cute and has a funny beat. A good tongue twister. I should teach it to my grandchildren (age 18 mo. & 4), but not sure they could relate to it right now. Since I had a total knee replacement last year, it does give it new meaning and with a rather abstract kind of slant, although that sure would not have been a happy or fun chant then.

  6. Thank for reading my blog. I like your verse and am now following your blog. thank you for sharing.

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