Flower Photography

Here are some pictures I took yesterday in my garden with my Panasonic DMC-FS18.

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164 comments on “Flower Photography

  1. Yes, flowers are living magic! I worked some years as a gardener, mainly with roses and I never get used to the mystery of them. Thank you for your photography.

  2. Great Pics, I think floral close-ups make great subjects. Thanks for stopping by The Project, and if you check through my past posts you can find similar shots I took at the Bronx Botanical Garden.

  3. I used to think I was a photographer when I learned to point and click my first camera. Input then I realized it was a toy camera and I need something you have called skill :)

    I hope you continue to enjoy reading my explanations about what Batman, Legos and Chick-Fil-A have common!

  4. Hello! You just “liked” a post of mine so I came and checked out your blog in return. Wow I love these pictures. Your garden must be stunning! You take great pictures.
    What are the names of the flowers? I only recognise the roses. I live in the tropics and your flowers are quite foreign to me.

  5. I also garden and take photos, but mine lack the professional look that your photos have. I am envious. I Google+ your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

      • Unfortunately, it will happen when the mood strikes me. I tend to do a few posts on gardening/flowers in the summer when everything looks good, but since I’m not strictly a gardening blog, they’re always mixed in among everything else. I hope you’ll stop by from time to time and maybe you’ll hit it at the right time.

  6. It’s a good thing you love getting comments! Thought I’d never get to the comment box! #7 is fantastic. It’s a succulent that we used to call “hen and chickens” or a variety of that one. Glad you stopped by my cactus flower. I found your flower photos because of it. These are really nice photographs from a different perspective that makes them kind of heroic.

  7. Love the photos-absolutely gorgeous! More please?
    Thanks for liking my poem “Loss” too :). Made my day.

  8. Hi George………love your pictures. To me they say spring, freshness, beauty, life, love and show God’s intricate creative power. Thanks for sharing them………Kim

  9. By some coincidence, I was just thinking of writing about flowers for my next post. The flowers where I’m located are not as colorful as the ones you photographed here, (at least the ones I have in mind) but they make up for it with their sweet scent. BTW, thanks for liking my latest post on Salt & Pepper.

  10. thank you flowers are such a colorful reminder of how stunning – and fleeting – beauty is here on our planet i shall be posting more flowers soon on my blog Will

  11. Your bluebell photographs are great. I have been trying to take bluebells this spring, beautiful flowers but I found it very difficult to get a really impressive shot of them.

  12. Thanks for the like on my poetry blog.
    Your flower photos are wonderful. I use a Panasonic DMC as well – such a pleasure! And you sure do good work with it!

  13. I love the beautiful pictures you took of lovely flowers. I especially like the picture of the roses. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  14. Very lovely pictures of the garden! By the way George, thankyou for liking my post on my blog, LINKS LINKS LINKS . It took me a while to get around to linking to people I had been checking out, but now that I figured out how to do it I am going to do it more often. I have shared your poem “Fractured Bones” on my facebook page.

      • Hi again, the site you need to check is authorssmith.com; I started with gardenwrites, and still may put it up someday, but for now everything is at the other site. I’m still learning about this blogging, website stuff!

  15. These are lovely photographs, very colourful and refreshing to see, especially after all the rain we have had, Well done x

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