LEGO Exandit Battle- Cliff Battle

This set includes a clifftop with help from my little brother, some long grass and three minifigures-

Exandit (Forest Edition)
Forest Bandit
Officer Brayden Wilberforce (Cammo Jacket)

Unova Region Pokemon Board Game Idea

  • START! The Beginning of your adventure.
  • You defeat the first Gym Leader. Roll again.
  • You make a Shortcut with TMo1 Cut. Move forward two spaces.
  • You are stuck in a wild Pokemon battle. Miss a go.
  • You are thanked for returning the Dragon Skull to Lenora. Roll again.
  • You are stopped by a man hiding behind the bins. Miss a go.
  • You get sucked into quick sand. Move back two spaces.
  • You heal your Pokemon in the healing centre. Roll again.
  • Bianca drags you into the musical theatre. Move back two spaces.
  • You get Fly from Bianca and zoom ahead. Move forwards three spaces.
  • You get lost in Twist Mountain. Miss a go.
  • You must go back to Relic Castle. Move backwards four spaces.
  • Drayden gives you a lecture on Dragon Pokemon. Miss a go.
  • Pass through the Badge Check Gates. Move all opponents behind you back two spaces.
  • You get lost in Victory Road. Move backwards two spaces.
  • You defeat the Pokemon League. Move forward 3 spaces.
  • You are defeated in battle by Ghetsis. Move backwards 5 spaces.
  • FINISH! You are the Unova Champion!!

My Animal Jokes

Note: Randomly, one afternoon, I felt like making a load of jokes. No idea why, but here are the best ones: (…Don’t expect them to be any good lol!)

What’s a Wildat’s favourite sports car?

A Jaguar!


What do Wild Dogs do when they’re very hungry?

They wolf their food down!


Why wasn’t the pig chosen for the football team?

Because he hogged the ball!


Why was the St. Bernard chosen for the football team?

Because he was very good at dribbling!



A Snippet From My Diary- Pokemon Trades

Recently, on Pokemon Black DS, I’ve been getting some really cool Pokemon through GTS Negotiations. Probably the coolest before today was A Shiny Porygon-Z Lv.100 (I swapped it for my Skarmory Lv.100). But today, I traded with someone called Caleb and got loads of Legendary Pokemon:
  • Cresselia
  • Rayquaza
  • Entei
  • Uxie
  • Mesprit
  • Regirock
I also received 3 Shiny pokemon:
  • Mightyena
  • Mismagius
  • Steelix
Now, there is a big task ahead for me- Level up them all!!!
I’d also put up a Cacnea for a Crawdaunt Lv.70 and up, and suprisingly for me, it arrived today. Level 72.
Result :-)


Lair of the Villains- A Poem

I wasn’t going to post a poem today, but interest in my poems from LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts has inspired me to publish some more of my poetry :-)

Deep in the Villains secret lair

Pitch black ‘cept the lanterns do flare

Passageways that seem never-ending

Paths twisting and bending -

Into the farthest room

Where the villains do loom

With their gun and their sack

Planning their moves round their table of black

The secret lair of a criminal

Where crime is commonplace and light is minimal.

Mountains Poem 2011

Mountains by George

Marvellous, still snow topped mountain, steep

Over the moon, to the top- the fluffy sheep

Unique mountain, standing tall

Never falling, stronger than all

To rain, no, never warm, only cold

Anything will fall against it, majestic and bold

In the sky, in the flock

Never falling, solid rock

Rafe’s LEGO Mario Kart Course- Bowser’s Castle 2

This was Rafe’s first LEGO Mario Kart Course he made. He has done a Cheep Cheep Beach as well, which I’ll post soon!

Here is the link for my Bowser’s Castle.

Another Quote By The Streets

I also like this quote from the Streets (below- on Icads). It’s from “If You’re Going Through Hell” (which is my Brother’s fave streets song!) Enjoy :-)

P.S: Click here for Puzzled By People Quote and Video of Edge of A Cliff (my fave streets song).

Liquorice or Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Liquorice (spelt Licorice in the U.S) is a very sweet herb that can be used as a natural sweetener; it’s actually sweeter than sugar! It is also good for all sorts of things- including coughs, ulcers, spasms, sore throats and thirst.

Liquorice is sometimes known as the “Peacemaker Herb”. Monks sometimes take liquorice tea before meditating to help quiet the mind.

Simply Liquorice Sticks-

A lovely thing to try is to chew on a liquorice stick- simply cut a liquorice stick in half, and chew into the side you cut it open from. Sweet and delicious!!