LEGO Mario Kart Game Rules

Dice 1 (Standard Dice):
II                                                 = Move round the track 2 spaces.
III + Mummy Face       = Move three spaces and move a/the menace three spaces.
IV                                                = Move round the track 4 spaces.
V                                                   = Move round the track 5 spaces.
VI                                                 = Move round the track 6 spaces.
Black Flat                             = Roll again until you roll a number. For each of these you roll, add 2 spaces to your total score.
Dice 2 (Item Dice):
Banana (Yellow : )                           Move a banana from the side or from anywhere on the board to another position on the board.
Mushroom (1x Light : )                 Move forward 1 space.
3x Mushroom (3x Light : )          Move forward 3 spaces.
Bullet Bill (Black : )                          Move forward 7 spaces.
Star (Brown : )                                     Move forward 5 spaces. You may go offroad with stars, and still move the normal amount of spaces rather than the amount being halved (the offroad penalty).
Menace (White: )                               Move a menace 6 spaces, or move two different menaces 3 spaces.


Start/Finishing Line = Black Line.

Item Line = White Line.

Speed Boost/Ramp = Black or Red Lights.


Goal: The goal to the Mario Kart LEGO Game is to race round the track three times before your opponents. Move menaces to hit opponents and knock them back 3 spaces. Receive items to help you in your adventure around the raceway.

Rolling the Dice: Roll the standard dice every turn, then do as stated in Dice 1 (see above). When you pass an item line roll the Item Dice- and do as stated.

Offroad: Flats count as “Offroad”. When passing through offroad, your roll is halved (then rounded up). This is called the offroad penalty. With Stars you can pass over offroad without the offroad penalty being used.

Courses with No Menaces: If the course has no menaces in it, the 3 + Mummy Face roll counts as “Move three spaces then move any 1 of your opponents back 3 spaces”.

What is a “Space”: A space is one LEGO stud.

Items Rules: When you pass through an item line, finish moving the no. Rolled on the standard dice, and then roll the items dice. You must then use that item straight away, or not at all. Items cannot be kept.

“CPU”: It is possible to have LEGO Mario Kart CPU (computers, no-players). Don’t roll the dice for the CPU- move these characters 4 spaces each turn. When a CPU passes through a finish line, item line or speed boost, move it an extra 2 spaces after you’ve finished moving their 4 spaces.

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