LEGO Mario Kart Set 2- DK Mountain

Here is the second LEGO Mario Kart set. Click here for the last one. The rocks are the menaces in this game, and the large brown rock puts you back a massive 10 spaces. Mega! It contains 4 minifigures / microfigures. I din’t know what I should name it- DK Mountain, DK Snowboard Cross, or something of my own. I welcome any ideas!

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9 comments on “LEGO Mario Kart Set 2- DK Mountain

    • Thank you :-). Glad to find another Mario Kart fan. I love Mario Kart Wii- especially playing people through Wi-Fi. It’s one of the reasons I got the Wii, not the Xbox. Do you play Mario Kart Wii?

      • I actually play Mario Kart on my DS, and though I DID have a Wii, my brother sold it for money to buy an XBox. Mind you, I DO enjoy Halo-anything and other first person shooter, and I LOVE the online play on the XBox, but I have a blast playing Mario Kart Wii at my friend’s house every Friday night too! :] Also you’re very welcome! ^^

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