Revenge (Blurb)

Here is the blurb for my book Revenge.

Click here for my post on the finish of me writing the story, and to see my artwork for it

When his dad, Richard Stone, is killed by the infamous pirate Dr. Jet, Oliver must become the next Rock, superhero and guardian of the Glancoln State. After five long years of fighting crime, Oliver comes face to face with his most deadly enemy yet, who is hungry for revenge!

Who’s In Charge Lapbook: Minibook 3 – What Makes Up A Government

  • Leader The leader is the highest person in a government. A leader makes decisions to improve their state, and takes responsibility if something goes wrong.
  • Politician Even leaders cannot make every decision themselves. Politicians – sometimes called governors – make and change a state’s rules, taking advice from experts when necessary.
  • Army Armies help the government defend the state and its citizens, which sometimes includes attacking other states. Armies are an essential part of a government.
  • Money Governments need money to rule a state. They raise money from taxes and use it to pay for goods and services for their citizen’s.
  • Law and Order Laws are in place to make the state a safe place to live. The police and courts punish people who have broken laws.
  • Services The government spends money on providing citizens with hospitals education and military protection.

Rock Superhero Story – Revenge; Nearly Finished


I’ve nearly finished the book I’ve been working on for months: Revenge. I’ve just started writing the last scene.

This is particularly pleasing for me, because I’ve only ever finished two stories; One was repetitive, uninteresting and confusing, and the other one didn’t make sense at all, was really silly, and the end was completely rushed. All the others I’ve started and not finished, because I’ve moved onto another book, or got bored, some reason or another. But this one, I’ve stuck with it all the way, It’s much more well written, It’s certainly not boring, and the end hasn’t been rushed. I might try to add more description of some of the features though, like the buildings. I have, however, done quite a lot of description on what outfits the heroes are wearing.

I’m not sure If I’ll be putting the story on my blog; but I’ll at least give you the blurb (I haven’t written that yet) with a front cover I’ve been designing.

Favourite Place To Go On Holiday (Europe)

Fantasy Football Gameweek 2

I got only 46 pts this week, below the average. So I dropped from about 400,000th to 600,000th in the Overall (this is out of two million though, don’t forget!), but I’m still at the top of our family league (The Tardis League).

My Two Transfers of Gameweek 2

Jones (Man UTD) Out

Gibbs (Arsenal) In

Walters (Stoke) Out

Michu (Swansea) In

And here is my team:


Hart- 1


Kompany- 1

Assou-Ekotto View dream team 11

At least I’ve got some good players :D

Gibbs- 6

New signing. Good pts :-)

Ferdinand- 1


Johnson- 2

Lampard- 2 (CAP)

… Very Disappointed! Maybe next week I’ll get Hazard for Lampard. Hazard looks like the new star.

Michu View dream team  10

And I nearly put him as my bloody captain as well. Grrrrr!!


Van Persie- 9

He’s playing well at Man UTD :-)

Ba- 2

Rodallega- 1

Swimming: 26 Lengths Front Crawl

Me, Rafe, Mum and Dad all went swimming yesterday. After a few games of ball, I went into the lanes to do some big lengths. The most I’d ever done before on any stroke (switching from length to length) was 16. The most I’d ever done on my front was about 4 :D
But, just a few weeks ago- I’d improved my front crawl by always breathing to the same side. It’s easier and stops you from needing to hold your breath for so long. And doing my new improved stroke, I managed to swim 26 Lengths of Front Crawl!!
And the lovely thing was, when Dad started to cheer me on,  some other random strangers came over and clapped me and said that I should be proud :D

What’s the best amount of lengths you’ve ever done. With or without stopping?

And. What’s your best stroke?

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