Amazing Encounters

We went to Thetford yesterday and had a walk at Lynford Stag after going to Waterworld. We saw a Sparrowhawk in the trees, and a little grey lizard which was quite camouflage indeed, skipping through the grass. We got right up close to the lizard and it didn’t move or hop away, it stood perfectly still. I suppose it thought I was a predator and it was playing dead.

Here are some pictures of the lizard:

Any idea what it is??

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16 comments on “Amazing Encounters

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  2. Fabulous. When I was six I spent a few months in Sleima in Malta with my mother where I learned to swim in a pool cut out of the yellow rock. There were lizards all over the place running along the walls etc. I fell in love with Lizaeds at six. Great photo!

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