Colour or Black and White?

For my Blogger Award, The Forces of Nature, do you think I should have the flower in colour, or black and white? Please leave comments giving your opinion, and why.

I’d really appreciate it if you did. Cheers!

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25 comments on “Colour or Black and White?

  1. depends on the flower… if the shapes are breathtaking on their own right or have interesting texture, I go for B&W… especially if the color overwhelms the eye and I miss the other components. just thinking out loud ; )

  2. I will almost always vote b/w, as I am obviously a fan of that kind of photography. Flowers are very good for colour photography, though. It would be good to see both versions and compare.

  3. Thanks so much for dropping by again and liking my blog! Well – lots of images look great in black and white – especially those with strong light and shade and strong form. Your flower? I reckon that’s one for colour – though the black and white makes the dark shades on the petal form an interesting pattern.

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