The Cocoon

You may remember, I told you a while back (HERE) that I was in the process of making a huge LEGO Set- The Cocoon. Well. Here it is :D

It has a massive 11 rooms-

  • Main Hall
  • Weapons Room
  • Food Stores Room
  • Grey Dagger’s Quarters
  • Butterfly’s Quarters
  • Red Admiral’s Quarters
  • The Secret Passage
  • The Prison
  • The Medical Room

It also contains 11 superheroes minifigures:

Now, I’ll go into more detail. Here are the pics of specific rooms or features!

Sit the heroes around the table to discuss their battle plans!

Open the swinging door with the key!

Lead The Villains through the secret passage to launch a surprise attack!

Arm your team of heroes for the upcoming attack!

The central point of The Cocoon.

Don’t let the villains enable the self-destruct sequence!

Capture the villains and lock them up in the dungeons!

Help the Butterflies with Rock and his armed copter!

When you’ve locked up your foes, heal the heroes in the medical room!

Grey Dagger’s Quarter’s includes a sandbag, an elegant leather sofa, sloped stairs, a table with boxing gear and a slot for Alphablade’s gun!

Butterflies Quarters include a tall oak bookshelf, balcony and coffee table with cup and newspaper!

Red Admiral’s Quarter’s includes a beige table with map, magnifying glass and small pistol, and control system linked to the Controls Room!

Go underground to the food stores to get tea!

The heroes are coming! Quick! Hide Fortune Girl in the barrel!

Try these glamorous dresses on your heroines!

Re-enact Bluebird’s night attack scene!

Transform him into the deadly “Falcon”!

Can you unmask the feared Alphablade?!

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