LEGO The Hobbit Sets Revealed!!

Check out these new LEGO The Hobbit sets due to be released December 1st!!

Riddles For The Ring

Escape From Mirkwood Spiders

Attack of the Wargs

An Unexpected Gathering

Barrel Escape

The Goblin King Battle

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17 comments on “LEGO The Hobbit Sets Revealed!!

  1. I love legos! I also love the LOTR and the hobbits. I’m obsesed! I have seen the movies amillion times and have read the books 5 times. I cant wait for the movie to come out. My faviote legos are star wars legos. I have the big death star and loads more. Thanks for following my blog! Your blog seems realy cool.

  2. Really interesting and fun blog you have here! Thanks for stopping by wordimagery – glad you liked my poem. Please stop in any time:) May the Lord bless you today, just because He is good!

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