Photograph- White Cliffs Of Dover

One of the places I really wanted to visit on our holiday in Deal, Kent, was the white cliffs of Dover. Aren’t they just beautiful! :D

Some more of my holiday photos:


Dover Beach

Castle (Dawn)

Cannon and Grey Skies

Lights On The Horizon At Night

2 comments on “Photograph- White Cliffs Of Dover

  1. A beautiful photograph that brings back magical memories of our time in Dover some years ago. We had a wonderful time in Dover castle, exploring all the tunnels and staircases and underground ‘dungeons’ with our two boys. One of my favourite places was a pathway around the castle, surrounded by grassy hills and wind and quietness.

    • Sounds like you had a great time! And wow! Dover Castle sounds great! :D
      I didn’t go to Dover Castle when we were on Holiday in Deal this year, but we are thinking about having another holiday around there soon, so maybe we’ll have chance to visit Dover Castle then! :D

      BTW Thanks for the comment! :D

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