LEGO Set- Dolby Island

Another scene from my book “Art of the Ninja”, which I have just today finished! :D


Here’s the description: (I <3 writing these lol :lol:)

“Exandit and Oliver Stone are in a deadly fight to the death. Raising his sword high, Exandit prepares for the killer blow. Can Crystal come to the rescue, or is she too late!? You Decide”

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7 comments on “LEGO Set- Dolby Island

  1. I want LEGOOOOOOOOOOOO :) Loved them all… This should be great fun, in the first occasion I will go and buy Lego, you inspired me! There was Lego once upon a time in my home, but I gave them to the children… But I understand now, what a great idea… Thank you young man, you are amazing. Have a nice day, love, nia

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