Egyptian Art And The Story Of Painiting!!

My current project is called “The Story Of Painting”. This means I look at painting through the eras and do my own piece of art for each different style of painting (eg. Cave Painting, Ancient Greece)! :D

Here is my go at Egyptian art! Enjoy! :D

gman egyptian art copy

12 comments on “Egyptian Art And The Story Of Painiting!!

  1. Great job! Greece is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go. Their culture is very fascinating, and their mythology is some of my favorite!

    I’ve always loved how paintings can tell a story, and it’s how a lot of cultures used it to teach the younger generations about their beliefs. Once again, great job!

  2. I like the white around your Egyptian dude. It reminds me that the Egyptians knew more about their subtle body energies than we do. You know Horus? He’s a falcon headed god and hangs out with me all the time. He’s very helpful and can tell me directions to a place even if I don’t have an address!! And he’s really hunky. Not like so many of the 2D illustrations.

    He shrinks though when Αθηνα comes around. For a while I wondered why does he shrink? then I figured out that he doesn’t really shrink but it’s a way for my little pea brain to make sense of the difference in their power.

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