Fern Leaf And Frost (A Photograph)

We went to Wolverton a few days ago. The sun was out. Frost tipped the tops of ferns, made the glass glitter white. It was truly beautiful!

We took our normal route, taking photos as beautiful images caught our eyes.

After walking along the cliff walk, snapping a picture of Wolverton’s cattle grazing the grasses besides a lone fir tree (here), we went onto the boardwalk. The frost had left a beautiful pattern on the boards and on the netting. As we walked, we came to an icy fern which was lying on the path. It was very beautiful! Definitely worth a photo…

What do you think? :D

Fern Leaf and Frost (Wolferton) copy

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Minifigure Series 9

Check out the lineup for Minifigure Series 9, due to be released in the new year! The new policeman rocks! They should replace all the LEGO City Police officers with this design, don’t you think!? :D

And the alien avenger is awesome with a capital A! :D

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