Sun Over Plains + Purple Haze (Wolferton)

We went to Wolverton a few days ago. The sun was out. Frost tipped the tops of ferns, made the glass glitter white. It was truly beautiful!

We took our normal route, taking photos as beautiful images caught our eyes.

After walking along the cliff walk, snapping a picture of Wolverton’s cattle grazing the grasses besides a lone fir tree (here), we went onto the boardwalk, where we admired the elegant and fragile ferns and the beautiful pattern of frost left on the boardwalk (here)

As we reached the end of the boardwalk, the rising sun glared onto the boards. Altering the exposure to capture the sun better, I took many pictures. Here are just some of them!

Sun Over Plains (Wolferton) copy

Purple Haze (Wolferton) copy

Please check out more of my photos here!

Fern Leaf And Frost

Cows And Pine From Valley


Dover Beach

Castle (Dawn)

Lights On The Horizon At Night

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