Sun Through Evergreens (Wolferton)- A Photograph

We went to Wolverton a few days ago. The sun was out. Frost tipped the tops of ferns, made the glass glitter white. It was truly beautiful!

We took our normal route, taking photos as beautiful images caught our eyes.

After walking along the cliff walk, snapping a picture of Wolverton’s cattle grazing the grasses besides a lone fir tree (here), we went onto the boardwalk, where we admired the elegant and fragile ferns and the beautiful pattern of frost left on the boardwalk (here)

As we reached the end of the boardwalk, the rising sun glared onto the boards. Altering the exposure to capture the sun better, I took two pictures which came out very well and really capture the sun rather than just a hazy blur, which is what happened before I learned all about Exposure (well… started fiddling around with the little nobs and buttons ;-) ) Please check them out here!

Nearing midday, we started to head back. The frost was melting as the sun and the temperatures rose. As we walked along the path, I noticed some drips of water hanging suspended from the wooden fence, which made a great photo opportunity. Check my photos out here!

We walked down the little path, where I took more pictures of the sun and the fields of ferns and scrub. We were approaching the gates which marked the end of our walk, when I noticed the sun shining beautifully through a bunch of Evergreens to the left of the gates, which was definitely worth a photo! Here it is!

Sun Through Evergreens (Wolferton) copy

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