LEGO Rock Set- Journey Back Home

As Oliver Stone (Rock) takes a seat on the train back to Cornham City, a newspaper headline catches his eye. It tells of a blackout. But as he reads on, Oliver gets more and more suspicious. This is no ordinary blackout. Car alarms and burglar alarms going off all along the street… Strange figures spotted, with knives…And Oliver knows that a deadly evil is at work…


Oliver Stone copy

Train Carriage 2 copy Train Carriage copy Train Outside copy

4 comments on “LEGO Rock Set- Journey Back Home

  1. Have you been doing this a stop motion animation, or just stills? It would be interesting to add audio, effects, and other aspects. Casting different people for the voices, fleshing out complete scripts. Looks like you already have a handle on lighting, photography, framing, and direction. But maybe that’s what you are already doing, I’ve only seen a couple of your Lego posts. All the best with it.

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