Sufjan Stevens- Videos, Polls And Reviews

Now one of my favourite artists at the moment is Sufjan Stevens! His songs are beautiful and emotive! Here are some of my favourites of his!

Please tell me what you think of his songs, and I would love if you could vote for your favourite!


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6 comments on “Sufjan Stevens- Videos, Polls And Reviews

  1. “Chicago” is a great song, but the first track on the Illinois album, “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” is a better song. Sufjan tends to be better when he’s shorter, usually, IMO.

  2. Vesuvius is my favorite song of his by far. I saw him on his Age of Adz tour and again just a few days ago for his Christmas show. He is an incredible performer and his voice is perfect live. I hope you get to see him one day!

    • Wow, lucky you getting to see him live! I bet it was amazing! And yeah, Vesuvius is a great song!

      And I’d love to see him live one day… that would be amazing! :D

      Thanks for your comment! :D

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