ADVICE WANTED!!!! (Buying An Ice Cream Maker) + Cooking Progress Updates

  • I am thinking about buying an Ice cream maker soon, and I’d really like some advice on which one would be a good one to buy. I’m looking for a cheap, but good-quality ice cream maker with a relatively small freezer dish. I’d love if you could give me some advice on which ice cream makers match my wants, or ice cream makers you’ve bought and have been very pleased with. Thank you! :D
  • Now, since my post: Pancakes, Masterchef And Weird And Wonderful Foods, I’ve been doing much more cooking. I helped Dad prepare some spicy kale chips for dinner, I chopped the liver and the bacon for the Liver And Bacon stew yesterday, and I helped make some deeeeeelicious Chocolate Truffles coated in chocolate sauce, having the idea to coat some dates in the leftover sauce before pouring it away! I’ve helped at every opportunity, and have been noting down important notes in my Cooking Notes Book! And I’ve been having lots of fun! I’ve discovered recently just how much I love cooking! I’m really pleased! :D

liver & onions copy

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26 comments on “ADVICE WANTED!!!! (Buying An Ice Cream Maker) + Cooking Progress Updates

  1. Sorry, I don’t have any tips on ice cream makers.

    ” I’ve helped at every opportunity, and have been noting down important notes in my Cooking Notes Book!” – OK, I know this is off topic, but this line kind of impressed me. You really are going about this the right way.

  2. I do not have an ice cream maker so I cannot help you with that. Your meal looks really good and healthy for you! The chocolate truffles sound like a great treat!!

  3. We have the Donvier ice cream maker which we like. Has a container that we keep in the freezer to chill the custard. Dunno if you have them in the UK.
    What a beautiful meal you have posted! makes me hungry and feeling like nuts and fruit I just ate are a boring lunch. Are you going to share the bacon and liver stew recipe with us?!

  4. I don’t personally have an ice cream maker, but the best bet would be to do some research online and check out the reviews that you can find on different websites. Congratulations on your cooking success! I personally bake more than I cook. Any tips to help me improve? ;)

  5. Sorry, can’t give any tips on ice cream makers. However, I do know that liver is super good for you. Not everyone can handle eating organ meats, but it is good that you can. Glad you are enjoying cooking!

  6. Okay! Ice cream maker! I have the type that you freeze the bowl (takes up room in the freezer) and then attach the paddle to the top. It’s pretty good but does not work that well in hot weather which is, normally, when one would like to be making ice cream! Also, when the ice cream is frozen, it’s not reeeeeeallllyyy frozen (more like a daiquiri or slushy) so you have to put it into another container and freeze it for longer in the freezer.

    Perhaps one of the dearer ones that plug in and have a freezing function setting might work well, but it depends on your budget.

    • Thanks for the advice! The ones where you freeze the bowl are the ones I have generally been looking at. But yeah… Ice Creams are sort of a hot weather treat, aren’t they … :D

      And yes, my budget is probably about 100 at the most really… and I take it the ones with a freezer function would use electricity, as some of the ones I’ve been looking at don’t, except from when you want to use the freezer to freeze them, of course :D

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