Another Trip To Wolferton- 4 New Photographs

A few days ago, we went to Wolferton again. After discovering Exposure last time we visited Wolferton, I mainly took pictures of the sun, experimenting with exposure. I have a certain like for capturing the sun through trees, as you may have noticed on my last Wolferton post (Here) ! :D

It was not quite as cold this time, not cold enough for there to be frost, anyways. But I still had a great time! I hope you have as much fun looking at my photographs as I had taking them! ;-)

Cobwebz Lit By Glaring Sun copy

Flash In The Dark Forest copy

Swirling Mists copy

Sun Through Silver Birches copy

Please check out more of my Wolferton Pics:

Fern Leaf and Frost (Wolferton) copy

Sun Through Evergreens (Wolferton) copy

Sun Over Plains (Wolferton) copy

Purple Haze (Wolferton) copy

Cows And Pine From Valley (Wolferton) copy

Droplet (Wolferton)