Shining Axe- A Poem

Flash In The Dark Forest copy

Photograph: Light Through Dark Forest

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I wander through the wild wood-land
Where the great oak trees stand
As the trees dance and swing
The gentle wind does calmly sing
Its beautiful song of peace
But then suddenly; the tune does cease
Something is terribly wrong
In the forest, strong
Here come men into the land
Shining axes in each hand
With their axes they chop and thump
Until every tree becomes a stump
And as the trees do crack and splinter
They leave the wood like a heath in winter
I stagger through the naked wood
Where the great oak trees stood.
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20 comments on “Shining Axe- A Poem

  1. Sad state…the world we live in. Provocative poem. Makes one pause, reflect, and…hope for better days ahead. A transformation, that’ s what mankind needs. Will it ever come…or come…too late? :(

  2. I had to laugh, as I have this guide by Matt Groening on how to be a “sensitive poet”. In his hilarious guide, he provides topics of what to write about. One of the topics was writing about “tree stumps”.

    So, I check out your blog, and right there is a poem with tree stumps in it! Too funny.

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