The Winged Child- A Poem

The Winged Child


Oh, it is like my heart

Has been set free

From its cage of white

To skip across

The red, red fields of passion

So vulnerable to the golden arrows

Of the winged child


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17 comments on “The Winged Child- A Poem

  1. Oh Gman. I like it when you republish your poems so I can read them again in a new light. Tonight, the light happens to be dark as all the people and pets in my house are asleep. I cannot see the squirrels in the tree out my desk window. Well actually my cat is awake, she just hopped on my desk to snoop around for tea.

    But really, I find your words poignant as there are so many times I feel, as a grownup who makes choices, that I cannot always go where passion leads. Some times passion has lead me on a path that is set and that I choose but closes the door at least temporarily to other passions.

    Like making children. I do not regret one moment of this but sometimes I see that other passions may be forsaken and lost forever. I feel vulnerable to the arrows from the winged child who sends me SO MANY IDEAS! Fabulous, exciting and full of adventure. Alas, I content myself with the adventures I set forth so many years ago, marrying the most fabulous man on earth…


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