Who’s In Charge Project: Chapter 8- Anarchy

I think It’s probably about time I told you that I’m home-educated, if you didn’t know before :-) That means that I don’t go to school, and that I’m home-tutored by my mum! At home, we get to do lots more art and creative writing. We get to illustrate our projects, and sometimes, we’ve made them into lapbooks, in my opinion one of the best possible ways to set out a project! I also get to chose what I want to learn. I am very interested in how the government works, and so I did this project on it: Who’s In Charge. Here is chapter 8- Anarchy! (my favourite :D ) Enjoy!


What is Anarchy?

Anarchy means ‘without rule’ and is where there is no-one in charge. Everyone can do whatever they want and there are no rules at all. This may sound great on paper – however, there is one major difference between anarchy and the other forms of government; that is that anarchy has never actually been successful!

Why Anarchies Arise

Anarchy can arise when the government is weak and collapses or is overthrown. An example of this was in Spain in the 1930s during the civil war. The government was weak and was overthrown. Local Communists unities took charge and organized things without help or permission from the government. Large parts of Spain were run by anarchic groups and this helped people get on with normal lives during the war.

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28 comments on “Who’s In Charge Project: Chapter 8- Anarchy

  1. I was reading through the other comments and couldn’t believe that you were 13! What got you interested in blogging at such a young age? Also, I give you props for your writing skills. My 14 year old brother would never touch a blog with a 50 foot pole. XD

  2. Lucky you. I’m a bit jealous, but then if I were home schooled I wouldn’t get to do Newspaper. Let me just say, aside from Band folks (and I can say this because I was one) journalism people are the zaniest around. More creative writing would be nice though. I’d probably spend 15 minutes on math if I were allowed.

  3. It makes sense to me that you are home schooled. I know quite a few home schooled kids since I moved to Canberra and each and every one of them are quiet until they get to know you, and very intelligent and good at what they do. I think it certainly suits some kids more than others, and I’m glad your mum is smart enough to be able to home school you, too. :) (I notice you always get your “yours and your you’res right). That also explains how you have so much time to spend on lego! you save at least an hour on the school bus each way each day! More time for lego construction. lol

  4. I’m so impressed to learn that you are home schooled. Wow! My hats to your mom for raising such a well informed and talented son. I am going to look into that for my 4 year old. Thanks :) ps I checked out your mom’s blog. She is one talented and interesting woman!

  5. Fantastic job! I think it’s wonderful that you’re able to do more creative writing and that you’re able to spend more time on projects that are tailored to your interests.

  6. Hey! We share something in common. I was home-schooled for most of my education, too! What a small world! I absolutely loved the experience and I’m sure you feel the same, too! I also got to do more creative writing and studied the subjects that interested me, especially when I got in my teens. I always thank my mom for making the decision to home-school me.

  7. My two best friends were home schooled as kids. Both of them are very creative and well read. As far as the whole ‘home schooled kids don’t have social skills’ nonsense, they are better adjusted than most public schooled graduates I have met. Keep up the good work.

  8. kudos to your mom for producing such an outstanding student!… i have a feeling that you are still really young.. yet you write and manage this blog like a pro… =) how old are you anyway? if you don’t mind…=)

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