A Biography Of Jack London

After watching Jack London’s: “White Fang”, I decided I’d like to learn a little about Jack London. I wrote this mini biography on him yesterday for my English:

Jack London

1876 – 1916

Jack London was born in San Francisco, in 1876. At just 13, London worked in a cannery for fourteen hours a day. He soon became known as “Prince Of The Oyster Pirates”, for his skill in raiding the oyster beds of San Francisco. He traveled around on freight trains and ships. He liked to gamble, and often got into fights. At the age of 18, he was jailed for vagrancy.

Out of jail, London began writing 15 hours a day on an old typewriter. Soon, he joined the gold rush north to the Klondike. Jack London was became rich, but not from striking gold at Klondike, but for writing about Klondike! He soon became one of the most famous and best-selling authors in the whole of America! Some of his most famous books are “Call of the Wild“, “White Fang“, and “To Build a Fire“.

In 1900, he married Elizabeth “Bessie” Maddern, but divorced her 5 years later to marry Charmian Kittredge. Charmian helped his type and edit his books, and joined in all his adventures. London believed that through willpower, anyone can do anything. London loved to eat “Cannibal sandwiches” of raw beef and also ate barely cooked duck often. He spent lots of his time playing cards, and was a heavy drinker. He died at just forty years old from a kidney obstruction. His ashes were buried at his ranch in San Fransisco, under a red boulder.


I also wrote a poem inspired by a scene in White Fang, which I’ll probably be posting tomorrow!

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18 comments on “A Biography Of Jack London

  1. One of his most people don’t know about it “Star Rover” about a guy who astral traveled out of body while in a straight jacket for years at some point when he was in prison. Great story!

  2. Ooooooo! Thanks for this GMan! My son read Call of the Wild some time ago and loved it. I may pick it up now so I can experience it too. And three cheers for him for proving yet again that artists need not starve. Alas, his early death marks the troubles of many who are passionate to the point of burning them selves up too fast. Like Janice Joplin did.

    • You’re very welcome ;-)

      I loved Call Of The Wild when I read it aswell! I think you’d like it too :-)

      And yes, it is a shame he died so early! (Who knows how many more classics he could have produced in that time!)…

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the comment!

  3. I’ve read Call of the Wild and White Fang but I never knew anything about him! Thanks for letting me know!
    (I really recommend those books!)

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