Sun Above The Winding Track- A Photograph

I went to Wolferton a few days ago. I’m sorta running out of things to picture when we go on the same walk most of the time. Maybe we’ll go to the ditch again soon. Or the hiker’s trail. But anyway, I did notice quite a beautiful landscape, and certainly a potential photograph. The sun shone through a bare birch tree (Or I assume it was a birch), and the cloud was looming above it, yet the cloud was much clearer and more beautiful in the photo. Here it is:

Sun Above The Winding Track With G Blog Address

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Droplet- 4 (Wood Texture)

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14 comments on “Sun Above The Winding Track- A Photograph

  1. Same walk, different perspective. Why not show a photo of your foot tromping through the mud or kicking up leaves. Get down low and photograph some grass or leaves or flowers. Photo some tree bark close up. How about some insects? Get to know your macro setting! :) Also, when you take a photo (this is one of the few tricks I know) get down lower to the ground, even lying on the ground to get the grass into the photo. You can focus on the grass blades then raise the camera up so the grass is on the bottom in focus and the focal point of the photo (so to speak – a tree or a house or whatever) is blurry. I”ll put a photo on my blog of my dog and tennis ball. You will see what I mean – i focussed on the ball and then moved the fcamera to include the dog. It makes for an interesting shot.

  2. Try and make it your artistic challenge – same walk every day but daily you are going to look for, and find, something new to picture. It’s easiest with small details, branches, plants, a piece of trash somebody left on the side of the road. Like a visual treasure hunt.

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