40 comments on “Photography

  1. I think Bale Sculpture in Black and White is your best- it’s very well composed. : 0) You should check out a program called Silver FX Pro (Nik fliters, I think). It’s what I use for many of my black and whites. (I adore monochromes, as my user name implies.) Well keep up the good work with your shooting! Feel free to stop by my place any time, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. :0) xo

    • Thanks! I actually have just started a new blog called “Geo’s Art Photo Blog
      “- just for my photography :-)

    • http://georgesartphotography.wordpress.com/
    • Thanks! Do I have to purchase Silver FX Pro? I have Photoshop, which is what I have recently used to turn my photos B&W, but previously I was simply setting my camera to black and white :-)

      Thanks, you too, and I will check out your blog aswell :D

  2. My favorites are the castle, the canon, and the last one of flowers! You chose such delicious colors to shoot! :D Btw, thanks for visiting my other blog, Parasol Dreams!

  3. Nice collection you have. You have a great eye for composition and color. it enjoy seeing the wide variety of things that catch your interest. I particularly like your castle and sculpture shots. (And Mack is adorable.)

    • Thank you! And yes, I found both the castle and the sculpture very interesting, and so I snapped them. The castle was a very strange one indeed. The walls climbing towards the top were curved, so overall the castle looked something like a layer cake… :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by! You have quite an eye for interesting pictures. It’s also great to see a young person who likes to write. Keep writing and photographing :)

    • Thank you! I’m flattered!

      BTW: Mack is like the sweetest dog. My granddad got him a few months ago, and ever since, people have been stopping to talk to him on walks and the like non-stop :D

  5. There are some good photos. I like the Bale Sculpture, but Lights on the Horizon is still my favoutite as it is so mysterious. Keep posting!

    • Thanks for checking out my page! My Bale Sculpture is one of my most popular photos. I wonder what people will think of my new photo (Lights the Horizon) as I’ve noly put it up today.

      Thanks again, Mark Thomas!

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