Rock- Revenge

The first story in the series, Revenge, is a story of love and hate, of blood and revenge.
My blurb will tell you even more about it:

When his dad, Richard Stone, is killed by the infamous pirate Dr. Jet, Oliver must become the next Rock, superhero and guardian of the Glancoln State. After five long years of fighting crime, Oliver comes face to face with his most deadly enemy yet, who is hungry for revenge!

And here are the characters and a little about them:


Rock- The young superhero of the Glancoln State, his true identity, Oliver Stone, is known by only his best friends. He has super-strength and miraculous healing powers.

Crystal- Oliver Stone’s Girlfriend, she does not yet know Oliver’s secret.

Butterfly- Capable of transforming into a Butterfly. Her friends, The Butterflies, also have this power.

Bluebird- This blue-skinned man has the amazing power to turn into a Bluebird. He is kind and wise and also a very strong dueler. He’s good friends with Butterfly.

Grey Dagger- A member of The Butterflies, Grey Dagger is strong, fit and ruggedly handsome. His hands grow three long claws from just behind his knuckles, which make him even harder to defeat in battle.

manga grey dagger copy

Red Admiral- One of the strongest of Butterfly’s team, Red Admiral can send rings of laser and sound to injure his foes, and from an impressive distance at that. His age have given his much experience in battle as well as wisdom. He also has great leadership skills.

Iron Prominent- He is a close friend of Grey Dagger. He uses fire to defeat his enemies, but it is also his weakness, as it burns into the metal armour he wears.

Scarlet Tiger- Grey Dagger’s little sister, Scarlet Tiger also has claws. She is rivals with lioness, as they clashed many times before Scarlet Tiger became one of The Butterflies.

Painted Lady- A sexy, feisty woman, Painted Lady has a faint mind control; but only on those of the male sex.

Gatekeeper- Gatekeeper’s ability is the power to open doors and break locks. He is very secretive, and so few know much about him. He guards the Cocoon.



Tarantula- One of Scar’s men, Tarantula is over 10 feet tall and very powerful. However, intelligence really isn’t one of his strong points.

Wisp- Physically, this weedy man is fairly weak, but with the help of his fire powers, he can easily defeat foes. He is also intelligent, unlike many other of his teammates. Wisp was also bullied by Cyril and his gang as a boy, and so shares the same ambitions as his master; to kill Cyril, and with him, his brother Oliver.

Laser- Scar’s most loyal henchman, Laser’s power is a scorching hot ray of laser from his hand. The intense heat of his fiery fingertips can burn through any metal… and of course that means prison bars!

Fang- The product of a hideous but successful experiment morphing man and wolf to create an invincible warrior, Fang is controlled by Roughneck thanks to a brain implant, guarded by his metal helmet. Roughneck hires him out to whoever will pay, and this includes Scar. Fang can be wounded, but after a while, they close up completely. For this beast can only be killed by a silver bullet.

Fortune Girl- Fortune Girl has the power to see into the future. When Oliver left and didn’t come back or contact her for years, she left the Butterflies. But to where? And for what for what reason?

(Mister) Chasm- When millionaire Kazim D(esmond) Arshavin was poisoned by a Golden Desert Scorpion, the only way to live was to wear a special life-supporting armour. But the story doesn’t end there. Soon after Kazim had the system fitted, he went back to his mansion on the hills. He had been burgled. Robbed of all his riches. This made him very poor, and soon he became a jobless beggar living on the streets. He stayed that way for weeks, but he couldn’t bare it. And he didn’t need to. Then, he started to rob his way back to a millionaire. And with this impenetrable armour, The Police could not stop him. Soon, he became a universally known criminal, and the Superhero Rock became involved. Kazim was captured. After tens of years in prison, Kazim was finally released, warned by Rock that if he started his life of crime again, he would be stopped again. He made it his mission to kill Rock, no matter how many times he tried, how many decades he was imprisoned. Rock lived forever, and so did he. After many failed attempts, Scar asked if he would join him in his mission to kill Rock. And of course, he would.

Melano- When tomb-robber Melano found the mythical sword of blood, he attempted to overthrow the government using the legendary power of the weapon. He was successful in his mission, and was in power for almost a fortnight. But soon Rock secretly entered the houses of parliament, or… of Melano. With some effort, he managed to defeat Melano in battle, and Melano was imprisoned, and a year or so later, set to be executed for treason, as he had killed the Prime Minister, and tens of MPs. But as he was sat on the electric chair, the power of the sword leapt from within him and destroyed the men around him, and the chair below him. And he escaped, later joining Scar’s side to kill the man who ruined his plans and his power- Rock.

Special Character File: Roughneck

Roughneck- Roughneck’s dad was a factory-worker during the last months of the war. When the factory he worked at was destroyed by nuclear bombs and hundreds of people killed, only about 5 people survived; and of course one of those men was him. He thought he was perfectly fine, but when he married and had a son, he discovered the radiation of the bomb had effected him. His baby was a mutant, with 5 different powers in total. His son carried on the line as a factory worker, given the nickname “Roughneck”. But he was more than just a factory worker, he was a mutant and a warrior. And he wanted revenge…

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