Castle (Dawn)

We went to Deal a few weeks ago, and I was very interested in the castle. And a very peculiar castle at that. It was round?! Our granddad said it was to defend it from cannon fire… I think? Well,m something like that anyway! It wasn’t just a few architects deciding to make it round for a change. Now, just this month, I’ve discovered the setting on my camera called “Pinhole”, which makes the edges darker than the rest of the photo. And I like that mode a lot. So, I like pinhole. I like the castle in Deal. What else could I do!

6th Day Of The Holiday (Diary Entry)

We were going to go somewhere for a walk this morning, but it was absolutely pouring down with rain, so we did some art instead. At Midday roughly, My Mum’s Dad came to visit. We don’t see them much as they live a four hour drive from our house. After a cup of tea and a tour of the house, Grandad Tony took us to a pub restaurant in Long Melford. I had bubble & squeak, black pudding, poached egg, ham black hash and green beans; It was delicious!! Afterwards, we waddled down to Melford Hall :D It has some great architectural design (or something like that!) and I enjoyed the photos albums filled with pictures filled with the past of the hall (mainly because that meant we could finally sit down!)
Back at the holiday home, we played Pokemon Black. I got a Regigigas Lv. 100 for one of my Liepard Lv.100s! I couldn’t believe anyone would actually do such a stupid trade! We had a little dinner because our lunch plate was like bigger than Big Ben, and then we played Hangman and Scrabble, which were really fun!
Tomorrow Morning, we went home…


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5th Day of the Holiday (Diary Entry)

I made a Pokemon Mario Kart Course called Pokemon Palace in the morning, and we watched an X-Men episode. After that, we went to Hedingham Castle and Park. It was awesome. I took some photos, which I’ll maybe share with you soon. My favourite part was the valley walk! We didn’t have lunch until about 2 oclock, so we were pretty hungry. We had for our lunch a turkey, mint and pickle sandwich with vegetable crisps. After Lunch, we went  to Melford Park. Amazingly, a Red Admiral landed right on my shoulder and stayed there for about a minute!! Back at the Holiday Home, we ordered an Indian Curry. We had a prawn dish with a creamy sauce which obviously contained milk, but never mind (Rafe didn’t like that- because he hates seafood, but… all the more for us!), a red-hot chicken curry with tomato sauce, some small pieces of Okra, some popadoms and some Raita which me and Dad made ourselves in the holiday home’s kitchen while Mum and Rafe were out picking up the take-away. Before bed time, we played a game of Hangman, which was really fun too.

The worst thing that happened in the whole day was that I cut myself on the stippled wall; and that’s a minor issue. So If that’s the worst that’s happened, that just shows you how good the day must have been :D

4th Day of the Holiday (Diary Entry)- 16th July

It’s a good job we went to the zoo yesterday, because If we had have gone today we would have been soaked to the skin, and the animals would almost definitely have been hiding! So luck weather-wise for us for once (It usually rains on our holidays :-)). By this I mean though, that it rained pretty much all day today!! We did go out once though, to Clare Castle. My favourite part was running up the hill to the ruins at the top (by the way; those ruins is the castle!) We also had a little walk in the park, which is in the same grounds as the castle.

We had our lunch when we got back, then Mum went to Tesco, and me and Rafe watched two X Men episodes from the disc we bought for a quid ready for our holidays!

Later, after a lovely savory snack, we played Pokemon on the DS. I got a Shiny Regigigas for my Shiny Charizard!!!! Regigigas is my favourite Pokemon, and he’s shiny and it’s been added to my pokedex!! Result! We did our index cards; I did one with Antonio, one of my Mario Kart 2 Characters on it. We had roast veg, pasta and pork patties (one of my fave meals!) for dinner. We had a bath in the boat-sized bath tub, then went to bed. What a day, even in the rain!