Longing Spring- A Poem

Here is a poem I wrote earlier for a Literacy writing project. I haven’t written any poems for a while, so it was sort of good to do one again :-)

Longing Spring

The weakened trees are drooping low

On that hill smothered with snow

Those trees that once stood bold and tall

Look as if any moment they could well fall


The children that just months ago would laugh and play

Now sit inside, beside their fires, all day

Sipping hot cocoa, warming their hands on the cup

Wishing the weather would brighten up


There was Christmas to look forward to, true

But what they really longed to do

Was play with friends of an afternoon, under the sun

‘Til a “dinner time” call came from their mum


They were stranded in a desert island in winter’s sea and

Spring’s grassy mainland nowhere to be seen

They wished away the days until the day

They could once more go outside to play


And they no longer now felt down and glum

Cos finally, finally, the Spring had come

And all of the boys and girls played happily under the sun

‘Til a “dinner time” call came from their mum

Why Do You Steal From Nature? – A Poem

I actually wrote this poem here to go with some photos which you can check out here on my Art Photography Blog.

Why Do You Steal From Nature?

Why do you steal from nature?

When nature is perfect!

And one of it beauties

Perhaps, it constantly changes.

Vainly attempt to preserve

Its brilliance

And do you feel better?

Oh do you?

Do you?

Or do you feel


And is it still so glorious

When you’ve torn it from its place

On Earth

And its encased

Inside a block of glass

In a cabinet

In a draw

In a cupboard

In a room

In a house

In a street

In a city

In a landscape

Where nature is no longer to be seen.

And don’t you feel it was all in vain

Don’t you wish as you look upon what you’ve done

That you’d left nature alone.

Don’t you see, there’s no life left

Now inside that block of glass.

A species dead because of you.

And oh god, I am one of you…

And think.

If you hadn’t have






It wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Nature wouldn’t be scarred like this.

Species wouldn’t become extinct

Don’t you feel guilt?

Poem Published In Wordsmith, Creative Writing Mag

Found out yesterday that I’ve had my poem- The Winged Child, published in Wordsmith, a quarterly creative writing magazine for kids, in the “My Poems” section!! :D I got a years subscription to the mag online, and this is my second issue.

wordsmith poetry page blur

I am really enjoying the mag, especially the poetry and creative writing sections, but also the photo gallery. I would strongly advise any young writer to subscribe to this mag, which you can do here at Wordsmiths online site.

(You may have noticed that it says here I’m twel ve. I entered this poem just a week before my thirteenth birthday in February :-) )

Help Wanted Deciding On A Poem To Enter For Competition!!!

I’m thinking about entering a poem into a young people’s writing magazine, and I think It’ll be either Wenda And The Vendor or The Winged Child. I know, Wenda and the Vendor isn’t that good, but It is short, funny and quirky, In a similar style to the winning poem of last month :-) On the other hand, The Winged Child, is in my opinion, Is the best poem that I’ve written up til now.

Which poem should I enter? Wenda And The Vendor?… The Winged Child?… or would you choose neither of these? Please comment and give you’re advice and opinions! Thanks! :-)


Sometimes- A Poem


“Leave!” I say.

My words sting my dry lips

I never knew of one,

Who broke his own heart

But sometimes…

One must do evil

To do good!


Above is a poem I wrote yesterday inspired by a scene in White Fang, the film:


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Shining Axe- A Poem

Flash In The Dark Forest copy

Photograph: Light Through Dark Forest

Check out more of my pictures from Wolferton here!

I wander through the wild wood-land
Where the great oak trees stand
As the trees dance and swing
The gentle wind does calmly sing
Its beautiful song of peace
But then suddenly; the tune does cease
Something is terribly wrong
In the forest, strong
Here come men into the land
Shining axes in each hand
With their axes they chop and thump
Until every tree becomes a stump
And as the trees do crack and splinter
They leave the wood like a heath in winter
I stagger through the naked wood
Where the great oak trees stood.
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The Rains Of Love- A Poem

Fields of corn sway gently in the breeze

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love


This poem describes a beautiful spring! Flowers are blooming brightly! Crops are growing! The birds sing their beautiful song!…

But this poem has a half hidden meaning. The beautiful spring is happiness. And of course…

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved!”

Angel of Fire- A Poem

Angel of Fire

Soft and beautiful notes

Present the golden morn.

Over the horizon

The sun does ascend.

A new day is born!


Majestic mountains

Do their icy caps shed.

Tulips open

To lap up the sunlight

Flashing their petals of red.


Rising higher

Into the black,

Like a lunging tiger


It’s beloved pack!


Oh, the sun’s magical light

Let us admire.


Such a beautiful crop!

An angel of fire!



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