LEGO Set- Dolby Island

Another scene from my book “Art of the Ninja”, which I have just today finished! :D


Here’s the description: (I <3 writing these lol :lol:)

“Exandit and Oliver Stone are in a deadly fight to the death. Raising his sword high, Exandit prepares for the killer blow. Can Crystal come to the rescue, or is she too late!? You Decide”

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LEGO Exandit- Jail Break Out

“Exandit, the city’s most wanted criminal, has been jailed! Can his trusty sidekick get past Agent Brayden J. Wilberforce and rescue his master?! You Decide!” – I like writing these bits lol :lol: -

LEGO Exandit Set: Arctic Boat Battle

The police are battling Exandit again. But surely Exandit will win with the help of his new strong arctic friends, armed with scythes and bows and a deadly accuracy. Comes with a Police Speedboat, Exandit’s Boat, an iceberg, a dolphin and a shark.

LEGO Exandit Set: Bazaar Robbery

Exandit has robbed a very expensive diamond from a tradesman, and the police are coming for him. Can Exandit beat the policeman in the ultimate brawl- with just a bomb and a very skilful karate kick? You decide! Contains 3 Minifigures and Gold Crystal and Plate.

LEGO Exandit Battle- Cliff Battle

This set includes a clifftop with help from my little brother, some long grass and three minifigures-

Exandit (Forest Edition)
Forest Bandit
Officer Brayden Wilberforce (Cammo Jacket)

Exandit Set: 1- Jungle Hideaway

Jungle Hideaway:

Exandit has carried out yet another robbery, stealing all sorts of riches. Plan his escape with his quad bike, dodging the venomous snakes in the long grass. Meet up with the chief waiting on the path, to share out the riches. Includes 4 diamonds, 1 snake, 2 trophies, 2 spears, 1 quad bike and Exandit and Maukung minifigures.

Click here for my Exandit Icad.