Official Premier League Fantasy Football League

The football season has just started and I’m playing the Official Premier League Fantasy Football League again.

I’ve called my team Ever; Ten, Arse; Nil.

A mixture of Everton and Arsenal with Ten-Nil (score).

Like it?

My strip is red because that’s my favourite colour!

And, my team!

I chose Ba because he did really well for me last season. And guess what; first game week he got 9!! I got two Chelsea Players because they are playing twice. They’ve so far got 16 as Cap and 6, but that’s only one match played!! But I only got two Chelsea because in two weeks they are not playing. And by then, I will have wanted to get rid of my Chelseas and got in Man UTDs, Man Citys, Liverpools or Arsenals around the same money. I got Rodallega because he did well last year. And he got 4 pts. And I got Hart as my keeper because he is widely considered the best keeper in the league.

“Quotes” By Me 2012

I found these Quotes I’d written in 2011 a few days ago. I’m not going to guarantee they mean anything, ‘cos they probably don’t; but they made me smile :D Good times!
I didn’t really understand Quotes, mind you. Now I realise, you can’t make quotes; other people pick them out of speeches or books you’ve made :-)


Life is a bit like weather; you have to have the winter to appreciate the summer.

People are like chameleons; they change to fit in with their surroundings.

Some people are like parrots. Always squawking, but for little use.

Most people have brains where you can drive in and out easily. Some people’s brains are dual carriage ways, some are covered with NO ENTRY signs. Some are one way lanes, some have temporary barriers blocking the brain, some have a ditch in between the road outside and the road inside, and some you have to wait for the lights to change to get through.

Words can be the deadliest weapon, the most beautiful form or the sweetest cure.

I’m always setting myself up with big tasks – like dictionaries or novels – and then not fin-!

I find it very hard to meditate and clear my mind. When I think I’ve finally got to the point of having a clear mind I realize I’ve still got three things on my mind: 1. Thinking about meditation 2. Thinking I’ve got to the point of having a clear mind and 3. Realizing I’ve got those two previous things on mind.

I always used to be jealous of other peoples work, then I discovered if I listened to or saw it over a hundred times then it’s quite likely I will get bored of it, so therefore not be jealous of it anymore.

In a conversation it is always safer to stick to the main roads. So don’t turn the steering wheel or you might crash.

The grains of ultimate life lay under many layers of ice.

Life is a bit like being a flower; sometimes it shoots up and at other times it struggles to grow.

Life is a bit like being a goalkeeper; sometimes it just rolls gently at your feet and at other times it bounces and is hard to control.

Geomag Palace Pictures

Here are some pictures of a Geomag Building I made last year with the help of my little brother (who likes Geomag a lot). I was only reminded of them when I was sorting the W.I.P folder yesterday :-)

Mountains Poem 2011

Mountains by George

Marvellous, still snow topped mountain, steep

Over the moon, to the top- the fluffy sheep

Unique mountain, standing tall

Never falling, stronger than all

To rain, no, never warm, only cold

Anything will fall against it, majestic and bold

In the sky, in the flock

Never falling, solid rock

A Gallery of Art From 2011

Here is a gallery of some of the art I did last year:


Rollin’ Thunder Hot Wheels

My favourite Hot Wheels car is called “Rollin’ Thunder”.

I decided to do a Pop Art Rollin’ Thunder and give the car lots of new designs!!

Here is a picture of the original car:

Ice Cream Drawing 2011

Here is a Ice Cream collage I did some time last year (I’m not very good at remembering to put the dates on the back of my artwork!) It is built like a birthday card/card, but I did not give it to anyone :-)

Sorry for the poor quality scan, it has pop-up stuff on it, so it doesn’t scan very well.

Drawing of a Twix Bar

This is a picture I drew of a Twix Bar when I was 11, last year. Enjoy!