How Was Everyone’s Christmas?

How was everyone’s Christmas? :-)

I must admit, I have not got so excited about Christmas this year as I have done before. But I did have a great time :-)

Not just for the presents either, although I got some great presents (a PS3 and a Phone among other things), but for seeing my family, and for having a relaxed but very enjoyable two days.


Christmas morning my Nana and Grandad came round, and we went for a walk round the park with their dogs, which I always enjoy doing :-) We then walked back home, and ate some mince pies and opened some presents.

Then when they had left we started preparing lunch. And no, not the ordinary Christmas Lunch…. an Indian Banquet :D

We made Reshmi Kebabs for our starter, with Bhajees, a Carrot Salad and homemade chutneys.

For main, a Goan Chicken Curry with Dahl, Rice, Flatbreads (and more of the delcious chutneys we had with starter).

And finally, for dessert, Ice Cream made with a real vanilla pod (which was quite special) with a shortbread biscuit.

WOW! :-)

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day we went to our Gran and Grandads, where we had a lovely roast lunch, and then Christmas Pudding (yes, all a little more traditional :D ). I was given a Nokia Lumia 520, which I am now figuring out how to use. I can also use it to connect to the internet (and for free at home).

We also got some great Ps3 games. If you have a Ps3, I would strongly advise Little Big Planet (especially if you like games such as Donkey Kong Country- which I loved), Fifa 14 (GREAT football game!), and Little Big Planet Karting (if you like Mario Kart this is perfect). Haven’t tried all of my games yet :-)

My First Rap: “Trendz”

The Cover (designed by myself) for my new Single, "Trendz".

I haven’t been posting much recently. Thats because I’ve writing and working on a rap tune!

I have liked listening to rap for a long time, and I have written many poems (And after all, rap is poetry). So I decided to write my own rap. Have a listen to it on my blog “Geo-M’s Music Blog” here!

You can also check out my SoundCloud account here.

I hope you enjoy :-)


Blogger Awards: Advice Wanted

Versatile Blogger Award Graphic

Hey! I’ve currently got three Blogger Awards to do… and they’re all the Versatile Blogger Award! What shall I do? Shall I combine the three awards in one post, and thank the three people who’ve nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Would that be okay? Or shall I do them all individually? Also, the Versatile Blogger Award’s rules include nominating 15 other blogs!!! Especially If I do all three awards separately, I will likely not be able to nominate 15 blogs for each? Or is it okay to nominate blogs that you have nominated once before?

Who’s In Charge Project: Chapter 8- Anarchy

I think It’s probably about time I told you that I’m home-educated, if you didn’t know before :-) That means that I don’t go to school, and that I’m home-tutored by my mum! At home, we get to do lots more art and creative writing. We get to illustrate our projects, and sometimes, we’ve made them into lapbooks, in my opinion one of the best possible ways to set out a project! I also get to chose what I want to learn. I am very interested in how the government works, and so I did this project on it: Who’s In Charge. Here is chapter 8- Anarchy! (my favourite :D ) Enjoy!


What is Anarchy?

Anarchy means ‘without rule’ and is where there is no-one in charge. Everyone can do whatever they want and there are no rules at all. This may sound great on paper – however, there is one major difference between anarchy and the other forms of government; that is that anarchy has never actually been successful!

Why Anarchies Arise

Anarchy can arise when the government is weak and collapses or is overthrown. An example of this was in Spain in the 1930s during the civil war. The government was weak and was overthrown. Local Communists unities took charge and organized things without help or permission from the government. Large parts of Spain were run by anarchic groups and this helped people get on with normal lives during the war.

New Custom Civ Map Made Using ‘World Builder’

Bombing Stockholm

Civ Map

I am currently making my own custom Civ Map. Over 20 tiles wide and over 20 tall, this is the ultimate map. Rich in resources, and with vital resources in settling range of your starting point, this should be an excellent map to play your first game of civ! This map is a perfectly balanced map, containing desert, plains, jungle, grassland, tundra and snow. Wondrous mountains split the scapes and territories. Contains over 10 Starting Places For Players and over 5 City State Starting Places. A truly brilliant map whether starting in the future or ancient era!

Civ Progress

My favourite victory is certainly domination :-) And that’s what I’m aiming for on my current civ game! As Harun Al Rashid, I have conquered the empires of Bismarck, Sweden, Oda And Suleiman, as well as taking the capitals of Dido Of Carthage and Maria Theresa. All I need to do now to win the domination victory is conquer Moscow, Catherine Of Russia’s capital! It shouldn’t be hard, as I have St. Petersburg through a trade for 17.000 Gold, which in right next to Moscow (And within a Nuclear Missile’s Range certainly)!

Gman’s Ramblings- NEW ABOUT ME ILLUSTRATION / POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new year everyone ;-)

Now, last April, I posted my page, “About Me And This Blog”. It has now come to have 960 Likes, 839 Comments, and 23 Votes! :D

Now, I’ve changed a lot over the past year. So much, in fact, that today I decided, I would make a new About Me Poster in the same style as the last… a new and updated version. Well, here it is:

about me 2013 finished

Now, I’m not going to replace the other About Me Poster on my “About Me And This Blog” page. That would be wrong, as it was the old poster that each of the people that liked my page have viewed. What I’m going to do is decrease it in size, label as “About Me Poster 2012″ and add my new poster at the top. Does that sound OK?

Minifigure Series 9

Check out the lineup for Minifigure Series 9, due to be released in the new year! The new policeman rocks! They should replace all the LEGO City Police officers with this design, don’t you think!? :D

And the alien avenger is awesome with a capital A! :D

Please tell me what you think! :D

Page Updates!!!! (Photography, Poetry and Much, Much More! ;-) )

My Photography Gallery has been updated and now contains many more photos as well as dividers like “Deal 2012″! :D


My Poems book has been updated and contains 5 new poems, plus a new voting system!! Please check it out! ;-)


Please check out my other pages here:

(+ My other blogs and Land Of Reblogs)


Page Updates!!!! (LEGO Pictures + Poetry + Beautiful Photos)

I’ve updated my Rock LEGO Figures page:

My Rock Figures page now includes new information including awesome pictures of the heroes and villains in action!…

… Well, maybe “in action” isn’t quite the right word :lol:


Go to my page to see dozens more cool LEGO Figures (using LEGO Parts), as well as codes to make them on LEGO Harry Potter games!!!

My Poems book has been updated and contains a new poem and a new poll for the next ten poems. So, if you were voting, and there was a poem on the page which wasn’t in the poll, you can now vote for it! I’d love if you could vote! Thank you :D

My Photography Gallery has been updated and now contains 11 more photos!

The front cover has been updated to my Rock- Revenge Page. The page also has files on all of the characters, as well as a special Character File (Villain: Roughneck). I’ve also got a poll, if you like polls :D

There’ll soon be a Blurb, and then the page will be completed.
BTW I’m already writing story no.2- Art of the Ninja :D

I’ve made a new page called Blogs of My Friends and Family. There are some great blogs here!

I’ve updated my Publishing my Works Page. Please take a look at the changes in the list and better phrasing!

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Answer 10 Questions:

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4. Facebook or Twitter – Neither :D

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6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – It depends who I’m giving the presents to / who’s giving me the presents :lol:

7. Your favourite number? – 9

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