Keldeo Distribution

Starting 1st September, and ending on October 11th, Pokemon Black and White owners can receive a Keldeo through a special distribution by visiting a local Game or Gamestation shop who are participating in the event.


The Keldeo will be Lv.15, and have the moves: Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick and BubbleBeam.

If Keldeo is transferred to Pokemon Black and White 2, he will change to Resolute Form and learn Secret Sword. It;’s last learnt moves are Hydro Pump and Close Combat, at Levels 67 and 73, which I would advise you to replace Double Kick and BubbleBeam with. Replace Leer with Swords Dance and Tutor him something like X Scissor or Poison Jab; a move of a different type.

4th Day of the Holiday (Diary Entry)- 16th July

It’s a good job we went to the zoo yesterday, because If we had have gone today we would have been soaked to the skin, and the animals would almost definitely have been hiding! So luck weather-wise for us for once (It usually rains on our holidays :-)). By this I mean though, that it rained pretty much all day today!! We did go out once though, to Clare Castle. My favourite part was running up the hill to the ruins at the top (by the way; those ruins is the castle!) We also had a little walk in the park, which is in the same grounds as the castle.

We had our lunch when we got back, then Mum went to Tesco, and me and Rafe watched two X Men episodes from the disc we bought for a quid ready for our holidays!

Later, after a lovely savory snack, we played Pokemon on the DS. I got a Shiny Regigigas for my Shiny Charizard!!!! Regigigas is my favourite Pokemon, and he’s shiny and it’s been added to my pokedex!! Result! We did our index cards; I did one with Antonio, one of my Mario Kart 2 Characters on it. We had roast veg, pasta and pork patties (one of my fave meals!) for dinner. We had a bath in the boat-sized bath tub, then went to bed. What a day, even in the rain!

Blissey on Pokemon Black


Yesterday, I got a shiny Blissey on the DS. I am amazed at it’s HP:

Over 650!!

Unfortunately though, all it’s other stats are rubbish :D


Any ideas on what attacks I could teach it?


This means I can now make Chansey eggs, so tell me if you wan’t one. I’m willing to swap one for any legend, any shiny or maybe an egg of some different Pokemon that isn’t in Pokemon Black, Pokemon Black2, Pokemon White or Pokemon White2.

Secret Legendary Pokemon- Meleotta, Keldeo, Genesect

OMG! This is so cool. These fantastic new Legendary Pokemon just dotted round the easy to get to locations. And they’re caught at Lv.100, so if you just have a Master Ball, you can catch it. And I happen to have 1 on Pokemon Black!!

Which is your favourite Unova Legendary Pokemon?

3rd Day of the Holiday (Diary Entry)- 15th July (Zoo Day!!!)

At 11-00, we went to Colchester Zoo with our cousins. It’s a very good zoo, but seeing the animals cooped up and not looking very happy made me sort of a bit sad. Soon after we’d got there, we had our picnic. Delicious! Then we walked around more. We saw all sorts of big cats; leopards, tigers, cheetahs. We saw our favorite animals- penguins. We saw rhinos, elephants, giraffes in the “Edge of Africa” enclosure. We saw sea lions, seals, otters and fish in the water sections. We saw all sorts of weird animals, like wallabies and tortoises. We saw pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more in the farm section. My favorite enclosure was the “Edge of Africa” enclosure, but my favorite animals had to be the penguins :-) They came right up to us, and I took some great pics!

When we got back to the holiday home, we played the DS. I got a Shiny Pikachu!! I also played a cup on Mario Kart DS. We had chips, beans, sausage, egg and tomato ketchup for dinner. After that, I did a Mario Kart index card and made some more Mario Kart courses in my notepad.

New Pokemon Order

It’s the beginning of August, and so Mum lets us spend half the money we got the last month on Pokemon. I had £60, so £35 pounds to spend, but only spent £24, because I want to get the new Dragons Exalted Pokemon Ex tins that are coming out next month. It’ll cost me about £30 to get all of them.

I love Lv.Xs, EXs, Primes and Legends, so if I can, I always get enough packets to almost ensure I get one, or get a box set or tin with a special card in it.

This month, this is what Me and my Brother got.

The Cresselia Lv.X I’ll be getting will be great for a Psychic-Fire deck. It’s attack Moon Skip gets one more prize card from the opponebt’s Pokemkn if it KOes it. That’d get 3 Prize cards if Cresselia defeated and ex or EX!!


I ordered this from Chaos Cards Yesterday:

Pokemon 4 Pack Box Set – Clash of Legends Darkrai Cresselia Level X Lv.X {pink}

Rafe ordered these:

Pokemon Booster Packs X5 – Call of Legends

Pokemon Booster Packs X5 – Stormfront