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And here are the questions & my answers:

  1. What is your favourite colour? Red (With black :-))
  2. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Lemonade
  3. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? I like the sound of Facebook better, but I’m not 13 yet.
  4. What’s your passion? Writing (Poems and Stories)
  5. What’s your favorite pattern? The patterns on tree trunks and stumps.
  6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? I’m afraid it’s probably still getting :D
  7. What’s your favorite number? 9
  8. Favourite day of the week? Saturday (My Acting Day)
  9. Favourite flower? Marigold

A Snippet From My Diary- Anointed

We played scrabble at half seven. While we played it, we had some 1% alcohol cider. I didn’t like it the first sip I took, but by the last, I was enjoying it very much. (Addictive?! Sugar! Alcohol!). Both teams (Me+Dad, Rafe+Mum) did very well, and both got on the triple words. I’m sure we learnt some new words again. Well, came across; I can’t remember even 1 now!

Right near the end, I spotted Rafe trying to put on his poker face (he’s not very good at it ;-) lol) – they had a good’n. At the same time, I’d found a word to put down- Damn. (I had the amn). There was two Ds on the board I could have put it down on. I chose one of them completely randomly, and Rafe’s head drooped. I later found out, they were going to use the D to make anointed, which would have been like the best word ever (except from when Dad put down galoped on his first go – putting all his letters down!). Phew! We lost by about 40 points still, but the main thing is, we got a good score! We got over 260. Mum got around 300. If they’d got that Anointed though, they’d probably have got more near to the 400s.

What a game!!

Blackbird Name Origin- Bird and Fowl

Why is a Blackbird just called Black Bird? Surely there are lots of other species of black birds. The reason is, when the name was given in the 18th century- the word bird was a name used for only smaller species of bird. Others – like Carrion Crows or Ravens – were called “fowl”. So the Blackbird was the only bird in that time that was black!

Pokémon Black and White Owners Can Receive Free Darkrai

Originally posted on Endless Raining:

Pokémon fans may rejoice, come May 9th everyone will be able to retrieve Darkrai. The Mythical-Dark Pokémon will receive a new ability on the launch event and players should be excited about this Pokémon that can attack its opponents with nightmares. If you have a Nintendo handheld and either Game Freak’s Pokémon Black or White, you’ll be able to download this wonderful Pokémon through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi in a couple weeks time.

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