Help Needed On Which Simpsons TV Series To Buy!!!

I’ve been reading some Simpsons comics lately, and I was thinking that maybe I’d get a Simpsons DVD with some of my leftover birthday money (£40). I never knew there were over 30 series tho :eek:

Now, maybe the obvious thing to do would be to start with 1 and work my way through the series :roll: , but from a few reviews I’ve read, the first 5 or so series aren’t all that :neutral: . I thought that maybe I’d start with Series 11 or 12?!

Which series do you advise I purchase? Which series was best in your opinion?

Sufjan Stevens- Videos, Polls And Reviews

Now one of my favourite artists at the moment is Sufjan Stevens! His songs are beautiful and emotive! Here are some of my favourites of his!

Please tell me what you think of his songs, and I would love if you could vote for your favourite!


Grey Dagger Scene W.I.P

A scene for my LEGO Revenge Trailer, this scene depicts hero Red Admiral blasting Scar’s Henchmen with a strong laser blast. Hero Grey Dagger then kicks the last henchman away in disgust, as it lands on his feet. This scene will have sound effects and there will be a larger space between the henchman landing on Grey Dagger’s feet, and him kicking him away! Please check out my other scenes! Thank you :D

KIds On The Run

One of my favourite songs at the moment is The Tallest Man On Earth’s “Kids On The Run”. Yesterday, I decided to draw a piece of art to go with the beautiful, emotional song. Inspired to draw what I thought the song meant using the riddle of beautiful lyrics of the song.

Here is my finished piece:

Now, I think this song is about two lovers who are both married, but had an affair.

Let me describe what all of these images above mean. And how I interpreted the song.

Bottom Left: The Golden Fields of Corn Are Turning White.

“Where the promise to lead what is right
As we both know how fields will turn white”

I think this means the marriage has gone cold. That the two lovers no longer love their husband and wife… that they love each other.

Bottom Right: A Ring With Glinting Jewels.

This simply symbolizes marriage, as both the lover’s are married. But the ring looks stranded, abandoned. This is how the marriage is.

Left: Two shadows reach out to each other through a black void to touch their ringed hands together.

This symbolizes perhaps the bondage that cannot be. They reach out, but cannot quite reach each other.

Left: (Above) An eye welling with tears.

Inspired by my favorite two verses (or stanzas) of the song:

“And the reflections in their eyes
Sure could paint us as killers
Oh, I’ll be there.

And til the terror of our time
Could forgive us as lovers
Oh, lets break some hearts”

Right: A Golden Sun Shining Across The Black Hills

Inspired by these lines:

“Oh meet me when the morning fails on the fields of desire
Oh meet me when I lost my part in the choir of dusk”

Top Left: Two flames licking each others fiery wisps.

“When we’re feeding fire with the flames til no memories gone”

Top Right: An icy breath of air over a black black storm cloud.

This cloud is a symbol of darkness. And the wisp symbolizes the cold sky.

“And the cold sky will write us a song
But will we ever confess what we’ve done?
Guess we’re still kids on the run”

I Win!!! ** JUST DANCE 2 COMPETITION!! ** ** Music Videos From Rihanna and Franz Ferdinand!! **

Yesterday, I had this Wii (JUST DANCE) dance competition with a friend called Bryony. Now, I thought she was going to absolutely thrash me at every song. We took it in turns to choose songs. She first picked Rihanna S.O.S. I got 10,030 and she got 9100! I was so amazed that I had beaten her! Then, I chose Holiday. And I beat her at that too! And the next song! And the next! But then, maybe I got a bit too overconfident ‘cos I then lost to her on “Jump” by 3000!! :D

What sort of scores do you average on Just Dance?

New LEGO City Sets 2013

Check out all these new LEGO City sets. Look to me like LEGO Fire are quite big next year. But there are hardly any police sets at all. And to be honest, the LEGO Police theme is perhaps one of my favorites (Last year I got the LEGO Police Station- That animation you saw a few days back used it in fact). And then, there’s the LEGO Fire sets. I’ve never bought one. I doubt I ever will.