My Poems

Those Four Words

Those four words, those four words

Cut through my heart like a knife through warm butter

Leaving a gaping chasm

Now I stand, soulless and heart-broken

And although in pain, nothing can pain me no more

Those four words, those four words

Shredded my heart like scissors through paper

They scattered the pieces far

Now I stand, a dark and empty corpse

And although in pain, nothing can pain me no more.

Those four words, those four words

Cut through my heart like a knife through warm butter

And lifeless I lay; until that same blade does mend me.

You- Like Nothing Else

Your smile like the sun

Burning down into darkness

Your song like the birds

Singing their beautiful melody

Your movement like the waves

Swishing with elegance and peace.

You- Like Nothing Else

Radiant and Captivating

“I read this and envision a man totally captivated by the woman he loves……..beautiful!”- Kim

“Lovely. Just beautiful.” – RL King

Shining Axe Poem

I wander through the wild wood-land
Where the great oak trees stand
As the trees dance and swing
The gentle wind does calmly sing
Its beautiful song of peace
But then suddenly; the tune does cease
Something is terribly wrong
In the forest, strong
Here come men into the land
Shining axes in each hand
With their axes they chop and thump
Until every tree becomes a stump
And as the trees do crack and splinter
They leave the wood like a heath in winter
I stagger through the naked wood
Where the great oak trees stood.
 Lair of the Villains
 Deep in the Villains secret lair
Pitch black ‘cept the lanterns do flare

Passageways that seem never-ending

Paths twisting and bending -

Into the farthest room

Where the villains do loom

With their gun and their sack

Planning their moves round their table of black

The secret lair of a criminal

Where crime is commonplace and light is minimal.

Mountains Poem

Marvellous, still snow topped mountain, steep

Over the moon, to the top- the fluffy sheep

Unique mountain, standing tall

Never falling, stronger than all

To rain, no, never warm, only cold

Anything will fall against it, majestic and bold

In the sky, in the flock

Never falling, solid rock

Crystalline Being

C    atching the eyes of its keepers with

R    ibbons of blue glittering light.

Y     ea, such beautiful crystalline beings;

S     abre-sharp, fine.

T    winkling like a torch in the

A    byssal caves under the crust of our

L    and. Transparent beauty-

S     abre-sharp, fine.

Desert Island

To a desert island

S’where we float

Explore then return to the…

Ummm… where’s the boat!?

 Smoothie Poem
Smoothie, a shade of berry pink

It’s so delicious, a lovely drink

Sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with cream,

You couldn’t find a better drink in your dreams!

Smoothie Poem 2.0

Smoothie, a shade of berry pink

It’s so delicious, a lovely drink

Sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with cream,

It’s a refreshing fruity, sugary dream


O    h, how elegant
W   ise, mysterious. Such a
L     ethal hunter

Shining Guardian

Vicious, beautiful
The guardian of the night
Fly- twilight hunter

Nocturnal Magic

Silent, glowing white
So beautiful and wise
Nocturnal magic

W     histling winds sweep across the lands

I     ce cold hail, bitter blizzards

N    asty Frostbite. Freezing cold.

T     emperatures drop. Footprints

E     tched into the snow

R     ivers freeze over. The wind whispers- winter

Fractured Bone Poem

Fracture crack

Fracture bend

Fracture crack

Fracture mend

Fracture bend, mend, crack

Fracture crack, bend, mend

Fracture bone

Fracture clicks

Fracture bone

Fracture fix

Fracture click, fix, bone

Fracture bone, clicks, fix


How so few words can illicit emotion.
Very nice.” – Di

Snow Leopard Poem

A hillock of white

Like the snow beneath it’s paws

The leopard pounces

Bravo, Tsavo

Out of bed at 6 o’clock

Into the park, to Mudanda Rock

The presence of the famed “Big Five”

Keeping the dull plains alive

Driving through to Tsavo West

For scenery it is the best

Down the road, past glittering lakes

Looking out over mountainous scapes

Moving with colour from a thousand birds

… And partly because of the elephant herds!

Back to the lodge. Getting late…

But I’ll be back ‘cos Tsavo’s great!

Barmy Boys 

Silly Sammy Strew Spaghetti

Crazy Chris Chomped Confetti

Witless, Dippy

Insane, Dizzy

These barmy boys are keeping busy!

The Ligical Collymob

The ligical Collymob

With its twireling tail

Snitchering through the slob

Every human bewail

The ligical Collymob

Wondrous Stars

Like pearls on the galaxy’s pelt of lace

Like sparkling swans flying high

Like burning torches in the dark void of space

Lurking in the shadow, the masters of grace

You sit so far out of reach. Why?

Like pearls on the galaxy’s pelt of lace

To my eye you’re but a zag on the sky’s face

Shooting star, I wish only you were not so shy

Like burning torches in the dark void of space

Making the purple fields a wondrous place

Golden rain falling from the sky

Like pearls on the galaxy’s pelt of lace

What noise do you make? Like cymbal? Like bass?

Do you talk? Do you laugh? Do you, like me, sigh?

Like burning torches in the dark void of space

The study of astrology is such a beautiful case

Maybe one day you’ll visit… when you’re passing by?

Like pearls on the galaxy’s pelt of lace…

Like burning torches in the dark void of space.

Wenda and the Vendor

There was a young lady named Wenda/

Who sang while buying from a vendor/

The glass cracked and smashed/

Down the contents crashed/

And the towers of Pepsi did end ‘er/


The Fallen Rose

The dark raven swoops

To rip the beautiful rose

From its once firm stem


And as it passes

Tears deep into its

Valiant Lupin’s blue, blue buds

With devastating talons


“Very Edgar Allan Poe-ish. Love it!” – The Baldwin Poet

The Sword of Blood

Below the golden fields of rye

Through the caves as black as a starless night

In the fiery core the sword does lie

The sword which can any lands smite


The sword of fury, blood and war

Not made for the sheath of just any knight…

To feed it’s hunger with death and gore

Only the darkest souls this sword unites


Who’d have thought such a beautiful blade

Could such seeds of destruction sew

Such horror could not be portrayed

Oh, the actions of this hostile crow


And in an ink black sheath of rye

The mythical sword of blood does lie

Rains Of Love

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love


“A very nice piece. You captured the feel of Spring perfectly”  – Lady Valor

The Winged Child

Oh, it is like my heart

Has been set free

From its cage of white

To skip across

The red, red fields of passion

So vulnerable to the golden arrows

Of the winged child

Bleeding Heart

My scarred heart

Bleeds and bleeds…

It bleeds and bleeds

Through fresh wounds

It bleeds and bleeds

For a beautiful vision

It bleeds and bleeds

For a world…

… that could not be


“I LOVE this! It’s powerful and interesting!” – Authors Paradise

Angel Of Fire

Soft and beautiful notes

Present the golden morn.

Over the horizon

The sun does ascend.

A new day is born!


Majestic mountains

Do their icy caps shed.

Tulips open

To lap up the sunlight

Flashing their petals of red.


Rising higher

Into the black,

Like a lunging tiger


It’s beloved pack!


Oh, the sun’s magical light

Let us admire.


Such a beautiful crop!

An angel of fire!


A poem reflecting life in every verse. – Harbans

An Ode To Peanut Butter

In the corner of the dark, dark pantry

Lies the jar. Glowing bright

In the shadows of the looming shelves

Sitting. So innocent. Calling.

Shooting waves of temptation

Pulsing, growing, as it tilts towards you.

Drones “Resistance is futile”

Oozing into your thoughts…

Oozing into your bowl

Peanut Satay; the pure streams of heaven

Flowing through the centre of a date

Soothing, it touches your hungry lips

Like fresh rain trickling onto a flower’s buds

As you close your eyes you seem to float

Like a cloud… drifting through the pure streams of heaven.


“Poetic Perfection” - The Sadder But Wiser Girl

Wolf Howl

An icy mist falls

The full moon

Rises above

Silhouetted hills.

From far off comes

A lone wolf howl…

Blood runs cold!


On I trudge,


Though whips sear

My bloodied flanks

Like boas


At fallen prey

I gaze at the stars,


Though whips add

To my flank of scars

Like lightning


A dying tree


“Leave!” I say.

My words sting my dry lips

I never knew of one,

Who broke his own heart

But sometimes…

One must do evil

To do good!

90 comments on “My Poems

    • Haha I love peanut butter lol :p

      Wow, thank you. I have actually not written any poems for a while, except from one in my English book :-)

      • I haven’t written my poems (except for one the other day called “The Birth”) in many years, but I’m inspired lately to write more. I read a lot of poetry from others and much of the time it seems forced or choppy, but yours has a great flow to it, and it’s very natural. You really do have a talent for it- you should definitely continue writing. And I love peanut butter too. :) I love to cook also and am now intrigued by this “peanut satay” (you write about and dates in there somewhere?) – it sounds divine! (I’ll have to Google it…heheh..) Silver FX Pro- here’s the link- you can check it out: I think there’s a free trial, but it takes your B&Ws from “standard monochromes” to “WOAH…” Really, you should try it- it makes all the difference in the world (and well worth the money).

        Have a great night!

      • Thankyou, I have always loved to read and write poems but at the minute I have had to focus on my photography course! :-) I would like to see your poems, if you write some. By the stories/posts I have read on your blog, you certainly seem to have a way with words! :-)

        Lol, peanut Satay is lovely, it is a peanut satay sauce, which might be with chicken, which you would probably find in Chinese Restaurants, but I have made it at home several times :-) And PB is nice in Fresh (Medjool) Dates, but I prefer to put soft cheese in them lol :-)

        Thanks, I will keep it in mind, though I am saving my money also to buy a new Camera (my current camera is a Panasonic Lumix), which I may purchase with any money I get for Christmas.

        Its actually 7:19 here haha, but thank you and you have a good night! :-)


      • It’s 2:23 in the morning here (oops). :) I am so going to try the peanut satay! By the way, I hope you never allow anyone to make you feel bad for shooting with a point and shoot. I’ve known a lot of photo snobs over the years who look down on those of us that like our point and shoots! (I want to encourage you though- I was actually published in Digital SLR Photography magazine- and the published photo was shot with my 4 MP Canon point and shoot. Yep!) After all, it’s not about the “rig” you have, but the talent behind it. ;) Have a good one, George. xo

      • Thankyou, and yes, I agree with you that the main part of being a good photographer is talent. You can have a great camera, but still, you need talent :-)

        You too Birgitta :D x

  1. All the works you have worked on inspires everybody whosoever goes through these. Every poem, everything including photos emit thoughts, these things of art say many things at the same time. Really motivating.

  2. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my poem :)
    And wow! I am soo into your poems..they’re so soo good..will be looking forward for more ^_^

  3. Wow. Just amazing! I’m starting a writing blog of my own. Though, my poetry is pretty half-a$$ed compared to these! You’re a very good writer. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my new poetry blog! I really enjoyed ‘Those four words’, and thought it powerful (and of course wondering the whole time … which four words? But don’t tell me- it’s better not knowing!) The idea of being in pain and beyond pain, dead and alive at the same time- in response to (the way I read it) a lover- amazing. I also enjoy the rhythm in ‘You – Like Nothing Else’.

    • Glad you liked my poems.

      Yeah. Those Four Words was written exactly as you read it, except from I sort of know the four words! And yeah, It’s about love. The poem means a lot to me, but also makes me feel emotional. Yeah, I’m sort of not very pleased with You- Like Nothing Else, but that also has it’s own reasons which I don’t really want to share.

  5. I like the playfulness of such a rich buffet of poems all on one page… Looks like you are having a lot of fun at this blog! Congratulations ~

  6. Your poems are very heartfelt. Maybe you could try to use more original imagery, and perhaps work on structure a little? that would be my suggestions. Or, you could put them together with photos and music, if you have a gift that way – I think that enhances poetry quite a lot, especially for a wider audience.

    • Yes. The music idea’s a good one. Cheers!

      BTW I’m currently writing a song at the mo, which my dad will put to music. This’ll appeal to a wide audience if my singing isn’t too horrible :D

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