LEGO Revenge Stop Motion Trailer- Police Station Scene Complete

My Police Station Scene for my LEGO Rock- Revenge Trailer is finally complete!!! Please check it out and tell me what you think!

Meet The Cast:



Scar’s most loyal henchman, Laser’s power is a scorching hot ray of laser from his hand. The intense heat of his fiery fingertips can burn through any metal… and of course that means prison bars!
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Brayden J. Wilberforce


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Grey Dagger Scene W.I.P

A scene for my LEGO Revenge Trailer, this scene depicts hero Red Admiral blasting Scar’s Henchmen with a strong laser blast. Hero Grey Dagger then kicks the last henchman away in disgust, as it lands on his feet. This scene will have sound effects and there will be a larger space between the henchman landing on Grey Dagger’s feet, and him kicking him away! Please check out my other scenes! Thank you :D

LEGO Police Station Stop Motion Animation Take 2

Now, the first time I filmed this scene, the lighting was bad. A LEGO camera wobbled randomly (i.e. I moved it when putting minifigs into position!), and Laser  (the villain wearing Indy’s jacket and sleek black hair in a mop that covers part of his face). Him. He was standing on one foot for about five seconds. It was gash! But this one. I’m actually pretty pleased with it. The lighting is perfect too. I must say too, great thanks to my Dad, who turned my pictures into a stop motion animation!

Revenge Animation: Exclusive Sneak Peek Pics

These three pictures are sneak peek pics from later scenes of my LEGO Revenge Animation Trailer. Enjoy!