Another Trip To Wolferton- 4 New Photographs

A few days ago, we went to Wolferton again. After discovering Exposure last time we visited Wolferton, I mainly took pictures of the sun, experimenting with exposure. I have a certain like for capturing the sun through trees, as you may have noticed on my last Wolferton post (Here) ! :D

It was not quite as cold this time, not cold enough for there to be frost, anyways. But I still had a great time! I hope you have as much fun looking at my photographs as I had taking them! ;-)

Cobwebz Lit By Glaring Sun copy

Flash In The Dark Forest copy

Swirling Mists copy

Sun Through Silver Birches copy

Please check out more of my Wolferton Pics:

Fern Leaf and Frost (Wolferton) copy

Sun Through Evergreens (Wolferton) copy

Sun Over Plains (Wolferton) copy

Purple Haze (Wolferton) copy

Cows And Pine From Valley (Wolferton) copy

Droplet (Wolferton)

“Gman Pose”- A Photograph Of Me At Deal!!!

Check out this cool picture of me that my Granddad took when we were at Deal on Holiday last month :lol:

I think I might set it as a featured image to my About Me and This Blog Page :D

Doesn’t it just look like something out of a catalog! :lol: And I look way older that 13 8-)

Black and White Flower Photography