Old “Battle” War Comic Article- The Plot To Kill A Madman

Heres another war comic based icad. This poster “Kill Hitler: The Plot to Kill a Madman” is inspired by an article in an old magazine that my Dad lended me.

I also have a drawing of an army truck with two uniformed soldiers in… maybe I’ll share that tomo ;-)

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icad #6

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very inspiring blogger award

I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thanks to Jen for nominating me!

So, here are the rules of the award…

1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 4 ( :-) ) bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback.

Ok, so seven things about myself:

1. I am extremely impatient… I often try to “run before I can walk”, as they say :-)

2. Racism disgusts me, and makes me feel very sad

3. I love to play on my Wii, especially Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart, and Resident Evil (a zombie shooter; It’s pretty awesome :-) ) I’m looking forward to getting LEGO Lord Of The Rings!

4. A few of my favourite book series were His Dark Materials, Sebastian Darke and Percy Jackson. I am also currently reading the Kane Chronicles (written by the author of Percy Jackson), which are pretty awesome! Also, I am reading the first book in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, so with any luck, I’ll be finished them in a few decades :-)

5. I love Marzipan!!! :-) I got some for Christmas, and I’m now on the last packet :eek: (I had two packets)

6. We never have cereal and milk for breakfast… haven’t done now for years. We either have Mum’s homemade yoghurt (I’m officially her yoghurt-making-apprentice now, btw :-) ) with berries and granola and coconut cream, porridge with maple or syrup, or egg on toasted bun with bacon. We usually take in turns to have each of these meals. Yoghurt, Porridge, Cooked Breakfast, Yoghurt, Porridge, Cooked Breakfast, but recently, It’s been so cold, we’ve had to stop out the yoghurt a bit! :-)

7. Our family eat very well… really all thanks to Mum and Dad’s research; reading books and going online. There are many secrets about food which many are yet to know, but I believe that people are beginning to realize that It’s not the fat they should be avoiding… It’s the sugar. Okay, so you probably think I’m talking crap, right? :D Well, believe me, I’m not! (BTW, If you read Woman’s Weekly (No, I certainly do not read Woman’s Weekly! … My gran does :-) ), you may have come across, a few weeks ago, a very interesting article on what I am talking about. Also, Mum has been reading a brilliant book, called Fat Chance. You really should read it. It is fantastic.

Anyway, enough rambling already :-) …

Here are my nominees:

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Gladiator- A Short Story

The clammy-handed guard shoved him face down into the soft, pale sand of the arena. He rose slowly, the gates crashing shut behind him. He stumbled further into the arena, spitting the sand out of his mouth, disgusted. A horn sounded sharply from somewhere above, and looked up to see, besides where the emperor sat on his jeweled throne, a muscular man, his lips to a broad golden horn. Claudius put his hand to the sword at his belt in anticipation. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, at the opposite end of the arena, a large black gate grinded open. There was a growl, and a huge winged beast pounded into the arena, hungry and slathering. It had the head and mane of a lion, the muscular torso of a bull, and a hissing cobra as a tail. Two blood-red wings shot from Its back. Claudius gulped, bracing himself. You’ve defeated the others he told himself, You can defeat this one… how do you expect to defeat the Ultimate… and to gain your freedom, If you can’t defeat this guy. “The Ultimate” was the Emperor’s prized beast. He had only heard stories… Few had faced “The Ultimate”, and even fewer had lived to describe it… At the other end of the arena, the beast lifted Its huge head and sniffed the air. Then growling, it turned to Claudius. Claudius drew his sword. Calmly and boldly, he stepped forwards. The beast roared, displaying a jaw of gleaming fangs. It scraped the sand beneath its feet with an ink black hoof, like a bull would before It charged. Claudius took a deep breath… The beast charged.

Surprised at the beast’s speed, Claudius rolled across the sand, barely avoiding the tongue of the snake as it lashed out at him viciously. The beast skidded to a halt, turning back round to face him, roaring and baring Its fangs. It charged again. This time, Claudius was ready. As he jumped out of the way of the charge, he lunged at the beast’s rear, and brought his sword down, slicing the hissing snake clean off the beast’s torso. To his disgust, the snake continued to writhe and hiss. It slithered towards him, tongue flashing angrily. Meanwhile, the beast had recovered, and was readying for another attack. It charged. Speedily, Claudius grabbed a firm hand around the snake’s neck, hoisting it into the air. Then, dodging the beast’s charge, he threw himself onto the beast’s back, making it roar with anger. He whipped the snake viciously across the creature’s muscular back, making it cry out in pain.

“Hi-ya! Hi-ya!” he cried, lashing the beast again, guiding it slowly up, past the crowds of people in the audience, past shocked and awed faces. He flew up and up, past an infuriated emperor, who fell backwards off his grand throne as the beast, Claudius aback it, passed closely, then continued to soar up, up and into the clear blue skies.


I wrote this story on 29th January for a Literacy assignment. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it (… which was a lot, by the way :-) )

* If anyone want’s the E-book of Gladiator- A Short Story,  email dlloyd189@gmail.com or leave a comment here!

Writing A Fantasy Novel + The Kane Chronicles: “The Red Pyramid”

I am currently planning the plot and characters of a fantasy novel set in a magical new world with lush green hills, bountiful crops and blooming forests. Both Elves and Dwarves are included in the tale, as well as many of my own mythical beasts, which I have created many ideas for (I may hold a vote sometime in the near future, to decide which beasts I will use in the novel!)

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but I have been spending a lot of time writing plans, as well as reading a book called “The Red Pyramid”, written by Rick Riordan, the author of one of my favourite book series: Percy Jackson. (I’ll have a review for this soon!) I so have done little art, poetry, and what with the snow we’ve not been out much, but It has thawed now, and we may be going to Wolferton on Friday, so maybe I’ll have some new photos to show you! :-)

Yesterday, I wrote a short story (First one I’ve written successfully, i.e. without ditching the “Short Story” idea and trying to turn it into a novel). I wrote it for my English, and I’ll probably be sharing it sometime over the next few days! :-) It’s about how a Gladiator named Claudius defeats a mythical monster (Of my creation), and gains his freedom from the arena early… but I’ll say no more. Maybe I’ll share it with you tomorrow!

Help Wanted Deciding On A Poem To Enter For Competition!!!

I’m thinking about entering a poem into a young people’s writing magazine, and I think It’ll be either Wenda And The Vendor or The Winged Child. I know, Wenda and the Vendor isn’t that good, but It is short, funny and quirky, In a similar style to the winning poem of last month :-) On the other hand, The Winged Child, is in my opinion, Is the best poem that I’ve written up til now.

Which poem should I enter? Wenda And The Vendor?… The Winged Child?… or would you choose neither of these? Please comment and give you’re advice and opinions! Thanks! :-)


“They Stole The Precious! Sneaky Little Hobbits’es!”

Here is a photo I took yesterday called “Gollum Vs Smeagle”, depicting a scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_aziIIp8U8) suggested by fellow blogger and author, Charles Yallowitz:

Smeagle V Gollum 2 copy

If anyone else wishes for me to take a photograph depicting another of your favourite scenes from the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, I would be happy to do so! Just leave a comment here on my post: What’s your Favourite Scene from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

A Biography Of Jack London

After watching Jack London’s: “White Fang”, I decided I’d like to learn a little about Jack London. I wrote this mini biography on him yesterday for my English:

Jack London

1876 – 1916

Jack London was born in San Francisco, in 1876. At just 13, London worked in a cannery for fourteen hours a day. He soon became known as “Prince Of The Oyster Pirates”, for his skill in raiding the oyster beds of San Francisco. He traveled around on freight trains and ships. He liked to gamble, and often got into fights. At the age of 18, he was jailed for vagrancy.

Out of jail, London began writing 15 hours a day on an old typewriter. Soon, he joined the gold rush north to the Klondike. Jack London was became rich, but not from striking gold at Klondike, but for writing about Klondike! He soon became one of the most famous and best-selling authors in the whole of America! Some of his most famous books are “Call of the Wild“, “White Fang“, and “To Build a Fire“.

In 1900, he married Elizabeth “Bessie” Maddern, but divorced her 5 years later to marry Charmian Kittredge. Charmian helped his type and edit his books, and joined in all his adventures. London believed that through willpower, anyone can do anything. London loved to eat “Cannibal sandwiches” of raw beef and also ate barely cooked duck often. He spent lots of his time playing cards, and was a heavy drinker. He died at just forty years old from a kidney obstruction. His ashes were buried at his ranch in San Fransisco, under a red boulder.


I also wrote a poem inspired by a scene in White Fang, which I’ll probably be posting tomorrow!

LEGO Set- Dolby Island

Another scene from my book “Art of the Ninja”, which I have just today finished! :D


Here’s the description: (I <3 writing these lol :lol:)

“Exandit and Oliver Stone are in a deadly fight to the death. Raising his sword high, Exandit prepares for the killer blow. Can Crystal come to the rescue, or is she too late!? You Decide”

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