Help Needed On Which Simpsons TV Series To Buy!!!

I’ve been reading some Simpsons comics lately, and I was thinking that maybe I’d get a Simpsons DVD with some of my leftover birthday money (£40). I never knew there were over 30 series tho :eek:

Now, maybe the obvious thing to do would be to start with 1 and work my way through the series :roll: , but from a few reviews I’ve read, the first 5 or so series aren’t all that :neutral: . I thought that maybe I’d start with Series 11 or 12?!

Which series do you advise I purchase? Which series was best in your opinion?

Big Cats- A Drawing

I drew these three wild cats yesterday evening. (Top Left: Lion. Bottom Left: Panther.  Bottom Right: Cheetah)

big cats

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Gman’s Ramblings- NEW ABOUT ME ILLUSTRATION / POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new year everyone ;-)

Now, last April, I posted my page, “About Me And This Blog”. It has now come to have 960 Likes, 839 Comments, and 23 Votes! :D

Now, I’ve changed a lot over the past year. So much, in fact, that today I decided, I would make a new About Me Poster in the same style as the last… a new and updated version. Well, here it is:

about me 2013 finished

Now, I’m not going to replace the other About Me Poster on my “About Me And This Blog” page. That would be wrong, as it was the old poster that each of the people that liked my page have viewed. What I’m going to do is decrease it in size, label as “About Me Poster 2012″ and add my new poster at the top. Does that sound OK?

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