Tyron Bodrey, Prime Minister Of The Glancoln State – A Photograph

Here are some pictures I took of the Prime Minister of the Glancoln State (Tyron Bodrey). The building he is in is the Government Building, which has an underground mine cart running to the Rockbase, which Rock constructed, and only Rock knows about. Enjoy!

Prime Minister 2 copy Prime Minister 3 copy Prime Minister copy

LEGO Rock Set- Journey Back Home

As Oliver Stone (Rock) takes a seat on the train back to Cornham City, a newspaper headline catches his eye. It tells of a blackout. But as he reads on, Oliver gets more and more suspicious. This is no ordinary blackout. Car alarms and burglar alarms going off all along the street… Strange figures spotted, with knives…And Oliver knows that a deadly evil is at work…


Oliver Stone copy

Train Carriage 2 copy Train Carriage copy Train Outside copy

Hellion- Lord Of The Undead (A Photograph)

Here are a few pictures of my LEGO Hellion Minifigure in my LEGO creation- The Underworld (which I will be sharing pictures of soon!) Enjoy!

My LEGO Creation- Mountain Climb

Grey Dagger and Rock lead as the heroes reach the top of the towering volcano! And deep down in the volcano’s crater… Scar sharpens his claws…

Park Attack- A LEGO Set

Another scene from my story- Revenge (which I am currently in the final editing stages of!!!) Enjoy! :D

Geomag Palace Pictures

Here are some pictures of a Geomag Building I made last year with the help of my little brother (who likes Geomag a lot). I was only reminded of them when I was sorting the W.I.P folder yesterday :-)