LEGO Starship

Here is my newly-built LEGO Star-ship built in the style of a WW2 Battleship:


Here is the 4 room interior:

Control Room

Control Room

Living Quarters

Living Quarters

Bar (/Restaurant)


Freezer Room

Freezer Room

Each room, except from the Living Quarters and Control Room which are connected, is separated from the next by a white-brick archway :-)

(Below: A view through the two arches.)

Through The Ship

The ship is paraded by armored troops, but the Ship also has other defenses……..

Laser Turrets

This (above) is the central laser-turret. There is a laser at both the front and back. All turn side to side and up and down flexibly! The other two are visible from the first image.

LEGO Set- Cornham Jail

Here is a set I made a few days ago using one of my favourite LEGO bricks, the prison doors from 7498- LEGO City Police Station! Enjoy!

“Exandit has been imprisoned! His one chance to kill his arch-enemy, Rock, he failed. But little does he know, he will soon get another… …”

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Mountain Climb

Park Attack

The Vision

Dolby Island

My LEGO Creation- Mountain Climb

Grey Dagger and Rock lead as the heroes reach the top of the towering volcano! And deep down in the volcano’s crater… Scar sharpens his claws…

Rafe’s LEGO Mario Kart Course- Bowser’s Castle 2

This was Rafe’s first LEGO Mario Kart Course he made. He has done a Cheep Cheep Beach as well, which I’ll post soon!

Here is the link for my Bowser’s Castle.

Michael’s Shurkell Profile

This is the screen on the Batamon game where it asks you to attack, run, retreat, use items etc. It is the profile / screen of Michael’s Shurkell.