LEGO Set- Cornham Jail

Here is a set I made a few days ago using one of my favourite LEGO bricks, the prison doors from 7498- LEGO City Police Station! Enjoy!

“Exandit has been imprisoned! His one chance to kill his arch-enemy, Rock, he failed. But little does he know, he will soon get another… …”

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LEGO Exandit- Jail Break Out

“Exandit, the city’s most wanted criminal, has been jailed! Can his trusty sidekick get past Agent Brayden J. Wilberforce and rescue his master?! You Decide!” – I like writing these bits lol :lol: -

LEGO Police Station Stop Motion Animation Take 2

Now, the first time I filmed this scene, the lighting was bad. A LEGO camera wobbled randomly (i.e. I moved it when putting minifigs into position!), and LaserĀ  (the villain wearing Indy’s jacket and sleek black hair in a mop that covers part of his face). Him. He was standing on one foot for about five seconds. It was gash! But this one. I’m actually pretty pleased with it. The lighting is perfect too. I must say too, great thanks to my Dad, who turned my pictures into a stop motion animation!