Dragon Fruit, Physalis and Rambutan

3 Unusual Fruit

Here is yet another sketch! :-) Now, if you’re thinking “What a strange choice of fruits to choose to draw – I’m not sure if I’ve heard of – let alone tasted – any of these”…. The week’s assignment was “Unusual fruit”, and I haven’t tasted many of them either :D. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any real-life versions of these fruits to draw from (which I always prefer), and so had to draw them from my “MasterChef Kitchen Bible” (GREAT book!!). I also designed the labeling of the fruits in a similar way to the MasterChef book I was drawing from.

Hope you enjoy this one, and feel free to leave a comment, or give me a like :-) I’m sure you’ll see more coming soon!

Photographing for New Rap Cover

I have been photographing for the cover of my latest rap “Bright and Early”. I photographed my bedroom clock to fit in with the line of my first verse “Get up about six-oclock/Cos time is tickin’ away, tick tock tick tock” and the alarm bell merged into my beat near the beginning of the rap.

Here’s my finished cover and underneath, my new track!

BNE Cover Small Cropped n Darkened

Converse Trainer Sketch + Wow! Sorry Haven’t Posted for Ages

Hey guys :D Wow! Haven’t posted for a very long while.

Well I have been working on a Civ Mod, which adds 6 new military units (including a new scouting unit) and 1 new civilian unit. The mod will hopefully be available for anyone who wants it to download on the Steam workshop. I’ve been working on a novel, which at the moment I have only written about 20 pages on, and hasn’t really even got to the first bit of action. So those I cannot really post until I’ve finished both of them :-)

But, yesterday I felt like doing a little sketch. I decided to draw a converse shoe. I am actually very pleased with how it came out, especially the loopholes and laces. What do you think of it?

Converse Trainer

LEGO Starship

Here is my newly-built LEGO Star-ship built in the style of a WW2 Battleship:


Here is the 4 room interior:

Control Room

Control Room

Living Quarters

Living Quarters

Bar (/Restaurant)


Freezer Room

Freezer Room

Each room, except from the Living Quarters and Control Room which are connected, is separated from the next by a white-brick archway :-)

(Below: A view through the two arches.)

Through The Ship

The ship is paraded by armored troops, but the Ship also has other defenses……..

Laser Turrets

This (above) is the central laser-turret. There is a laser at both the front and back. All turn side to side and up and down flexibly! The other two are visible from the first image.

Sorry Haven’t Posted For Ages: Civ5 Modpack + Art Photography Course

Sorry I haven’t posted in AGES!

I have been creating a huge civ mod, adding promotions, buildings, a new era with new technologies, and more!

I have been doing an art photography course run by Phil Barrington, and have so been busy taking photographs and writing up for my portfolio. At the end of the course, I should be able to gain a Bronze Arts Award. Fingers crossed :-)

So thats pretty much why. Hopefully I will be able to post more soon and catch up with you all!!! :D

Learning HTML Coding

I’ve been learning HTML coding recently, on a website called “Codecademy”. I’m getting on really well. Last time I tried coding, I started on Python, which is really quite advanced. I’m learning a lot more, and more quickly learning HTML, and thats mainly down to Codecademy. I really advise it, It’s really helped me and I’ve really enjoyed it aswell!

Heres a link:

When you learn HTML, you can do some really smart stuff with WordPress posts, by writing the post in “Text” rather than “Visual”. If you do this, you can change background-color, color, font-family, font-size etc, which you wouldn’t normally be able to do:-)

3 Black and White Landscape Icads

Here are three landscape icads I drew yesterday (in addition to yesterday’s icad):

Tree on Hill with Storm Above

I think this is the best?

Tree on Hill with Storm Above



Rays of Light Abstract

It is pretttttttty abstract, but I like the yellow cutting through the dull black and white backdrop ;-)

Rays of Light Abstract


This was my first, which you may have been able to tell. There is two much white in it! :-)