Raspberry And Yoghurt Ice Cream

I got an ice cream maker earlier this month; A Magimix De Glacier, with a 1.1 litre freezer bowl. So far Ive made two ice creams with it. The first was made with coconut milk, and it was not as such ice cream… but a slab of ice… So this time we decided we’d make try and get a better consistency and texture, using yoghurt! Following a recipe that came in the box with my ice cream maker, we made a Raspberry and Yoghurt Ice Cream (Surely that’s a frozen yoghurt? :-) ) . Anyway, sweet, but taut, and actually looking and tasting very ice cream like, I was pretty pleased with it :-) Here’s the recipe:

Raspberry Ice Cream (2)

Raspberry Ice Cream (3)


250g Raspberries

100g Caster Sugar

3ooml Yoghurt (We used St. Helen’s Goats Yoghurt, which has a thick and creamy texture; maybe this helped with the texture of the ice cream)


We served it with chopped hazelnuts and chocolate chips. You could just as easily add these to the actual ice cream; just churn the ice cream for 10 minutes, add the chocolate chips/chopped hazelnuts, and churn for another 1o minutes.


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Blog Of The Year Award 2*

I’ve been nominated once again for the Blog Of The Year Award 2012! That means I now have 2 stars!! Woo-hoo!!! :D

Thanks to KnowledgeKnut for nominating me. Please check out her blog here!

As you may have noticed, I’m really into cooking at the moment. I’ve been making liver and bacon, pancakes, kale crisps, chocolate truffles and more. I’ve been helping in the kitchen and spending most of my time looking through my favorite cookbooks! So most of my nominees today are cooking blogs. Here are my nominees:


Crab rangoon





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ADVICE WANTED!!!! (Buying An Ice Cream Maker) + Cooking Progress Updates

  • I am thinking about buying an Ice cream maker soon, and I’d really like some advice on which one would be a good one to buy. I’m looking for a cheap, but good-quality ice cream maker with a relatively small freezer dish. I’d love if you could give me some advice on which ice cream makers match my wants, or ice cream makers you’ve bought and have been very pleased with. Thank you! :D
  • Now, since my post: Pancakes, Masterchef And Weird And Wonderful Foods, I’ve been doing much more cooking. I helped Dad prepare some spicy kale chips for dinner, I chopped the liver and the bacon for the Liver And Bacon stew yesterday, and I helped make some deeeeeelicious Chocolate Truffles coated in chocolate sauce, having the idea to coat some dates in the leftover sauce before pouring it away! I’ve helped at every opportunity, and have been noting down important notes in my Cooking Notes Book! And I’ve been having lots of fun! I’ve discovered recently just how much I love cooking! I’m really pleased! :D

liver & onions copy

Pancakes, Masterchef and Weird And Wonderful Foods!!!

I’ve really been getting into cooking recently! I’ve made lunches, roasted things in the oven, experimented, and helped with dinners. Then, this week, I decided to attempt to make my own batch of pancakes. I was surprised how well I got on. I felt quite relaxed once I’d got a rhythm going. Pour in the mixture. Flip. Take the tray of previously-made pancakes out the oven. Spatula the pancake into the dish. Pour in the mixture. Put the glass dish back in the oven. Flip… etc, etc. Some could have done with a little bit more cooking to make them a bit crispier and I haven’t quite got hang of making swishing the mixture around the pan quite quick enough… yet. But I was quite pleased with myself… and was delighted that my mum, dad and brother liked them and had 3 each! :D :D :D


Since then, I’ve helped to make Mince Pies with gluten-free flour (which believe me, is very, very hard! :D), helped chop the chicken and leeks for yesterday’s cheese, leek and chicken casserole, and much more! I’ve felt really enthusiastic about cooking, and made myself a goal to learn to cook well! :D

I think one of the things that really inspired me to want to cook was watching Masterchef, and reading the Masterchef Cookbook (Which I might just have to buy; I only got it out of the library!) I was also very inspired by Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck! :D I absolutely looooooooooved the look of his dessert- The BFG (Black Forest Gateau). I thought the idea of using the chocolate paint to almost hide the 9 layers of perfection beneath was amazing! Ingenious! And the bacon and egg ice cream, such a strange… and yet beautiful dish. I love how Heston turns meals on their heads… Savory lollipops…… hot AND iced tea…… snails that actually taste nice :D I was really inspired by his cooking! Inspired to cook and experiment, inspired to help mum in the kitchen at any opportunity, inspired to start keeping a cookery notebook… inspired to want to  learn to cook well!

Ginger or Zingiberis Officinalis

Ginger is a delicious herb with a warm energy and spicy taste; good for car-sickness, chills, vomiting, bad wind and tummy pains. It is used in all sorts of delicious desserts, like pumpkin pie, gingerbread men and candy. It is used in drinks- like ginger tea, and ale. It is used in oils to ease head or joint pains, and in a lovely warm herbal foot bath

Facts about Ginger:

  • Ginger comes from India, but can also be found in Jamaica, Australia, China, Hawaii, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
  • The Ginger plant has lovely fragrant yellow or white flowers, which are sometimes used in bouquets.