A Collection of Sketches

Well there’s a collection of all the Sketch Tuesday (http://harmonyfinearts.org) assignments I’ve taken part in over the last 8-10 weeks! :-) Unfortunately, I didn’t take part in last week’s assignment! Been quite busy; Gym yesterday, swimming on all the others lol :D (in the club now). Plus I’ve been working on a Parody of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow :D Then there’s all the other music I’m working on! How’s everyone’s week been? :-)

Dragon Fruit, Physalis and Rambutan

3 Unusual Fruit

Here is yet another sketch! :-) Now, if you’re thinking “What a strange choice of fruits to choose to draw – I’m not sure if I’ve heard of – let alone tasted – any of these”…. The week’s assignment was “Unusual fruit”, and I haven’t tasted many of them either :D. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any real-life versions of these fruits to draw from (which I always prefer), and so had to draw them from my “MasterChef Kitchen Bible” (GREAT book!!). I also designed the labeling of the fruits in a similar way to the MasterChef book I was drawing from.

Hope you enjoy this one, and feel free to leave a comment, or give me a like :-) I’m sure you’ll see more coming soon!

Lime Pickle (and Ramblings About Asian Food)

Lime Pickle

Another sketch (like the last) with a lot of detail :-) This one was perhaps a little harder as I’m not particularly familiar with the Indian alphabet :p

This is a sketch of one of my favourite relishes, a hot lime pickle, which comes from a small shop (“Spice Market”) not far from me; selling Asian and Indian food. The Spice Market opened not long ago – perhaps a couple of months – and already we visit it frequently.

Another of mine (and my family’s) favourite foods from the shop is what are called “Kappalandi Balls”- basically peanuts stuck together with syrup :D We’ve also bought and tried Jackfruit pudding, rice cake, mung daal and several other things from the shop. It makes you realise how boring English/American food is compared to these Asian countries’ cuisine… :D

Preparing Hot Chocolate- A Sketch

One of my favourite sketches out of the ones I’ve drawn lately; for the assignment “(to do with) Hot Chocolate or Tea”. As hot chocolate is my favourite drink, I drew that :D However, I do have a feeling I’ve drawn that very same tub of Green & Black’s Cocoa before…

Draw Something Red- Sketch Tuesday Assigment

Another “Sketch Tuesday” assignment, “Draw Something Red”. As you can see, I drew these plump-looking tomatoes. I payed large attention to the shadow and where the light hit… I did get fed up of the shading after having done two-and-a-half tomatoes, but I managed to carry on and do the rest :D


How Was Everyone’s Christmas?

How was everyone’s Christmas? :-)

I must admit, I have not got so excited about Christmas this year as I have done before. But I did have a great time :-)

Not just for the presents either, although I got some great presents (a PS3 and a Phone among other things), but for seeing my family, and for having a relaxed but very enjoyable two days.


Christmas morning my Nana and Grandad came round, and we went for a walk round the park with their dogs, which I always enjoy doing :-) We then walked back home, and ate some mince pies and opened some presents.

Then when they had left we started preparing lunch. And no, not the ordinary Christmas Lunch…. an Indian Banquet :D

We made Reshmi Kebabs for our starter, with Bhajees, a Carrot Salad and homemade chutneys.

For main, a Goan Chicken Curry with Dahl, Rice, Flatbreads (and more of the delcious chutneys we had with starter).

And finally, for dessert, Ice Cream made with a real vanilla pod (which was quite special) with a shortbread biscuit.

WOW! :-)

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day we went to our Gran and Grandads, where we had a lovely roast lunch, and then Christmas Pudding (yes, all a little more traditional :D ). I was given a Nokia Lumia 520, which I am now figuring out how to use. I can also use it to connect to the internet (and for free at home).

We also got some great Ps3 games. If you have a Ps3, I would strongly advise Little Big Planet (especially if you like games such as Donkey Kong Country- which I loved), Fifa 14 (GREAT football game!), and Little Big Planet Karting (if you like Mario Kart this is perfect). Haven’t tried all of my games yet :-)

George’s Potato Yoghurt Salad

Potato Salad

Potato Salad (2)

Potato Salad (3)

George’s Potato Yoghurt Salad


2 large potatoes (cut into medium sized chunks)

3 tbsps of yoghurt (I used thick goats yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt would be equally as nice, but any will do)

1/2 a tin of chickpeas- rinse so they are not too salty

Small chunk of fresh ginger – finely diced

Handful of coriander, de-stalked and chopped

Handful of sultanas

Squeeze of lemon juice

Sprinkle of seasoning


Cut the potatoes into evenly sized chunks and place in a saucepan. Cover in a kettle of boiling water. Bring to boil. Turn down and boil for a further 10-12 minutes. Then leave to cool.

Place potato in a bowl, and add ginger, coriander, chickpeas, sultanas and lemon juice. Season. Add enough yoghurt just to coat the potatoes. This should be around 3 tbsps, but put in however much you think best.

Enjoy :-)

Lichtenstein Style Painting

Here is a painting I did yesterday for our Lichtenstein project (ready for going to a Lichtenstein Exhibition later this week). The painting is based on an advert from a food magazine advertising a quality knife brand.

Lichtenstein Style Knife

Comment or like, and please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks :-)