How Was Everyone’s Christmas?

How was everyone’s Christmas? :-)

I must admit, I have not got so excited about Christmas this year as I have done before. But I did have a great time :-)

Not just for the presents either, although I got some great presents (a PS3 and a Phone among other things), but for seeing my family, and for having a relaxed but very enjoyable two days.


Christmas morning my Nana and Grandad came round, and we went for a walk round the park with their dogs, which I always enjoy doing :-) We then walked back home, and ate some mince pies and opened some presents.

Then when they had left we started preparing lunch. And no, not the ordinary Christmas Lunch…. an Indian Banquet :D

We made Reshmi Kebabs for our starter, with Bhajees, a Carrot Salad and homemade chutneys.

For main, a Goan Chicken Curry with Dahl, Rice, Flatbreads (and more of the delcious chutneys we had with starter).

And finally, for dessert, Ice Cream made with a real vanilla pod (which was quite special) with a shortbread biscuit.

WOW! :-)

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day we went to our Gran and Grandads, where we had a lovely roast lunch, and then Christmas Pudding (yes, all a little more traditional :D ). I was given a Nokia Lumia 520, which I am now figuring out how to use. I can also use it to connect to the internet (and for free at home).

We also got some great Ps3 games. If you have a Ps3, I would strongly advise Little Big Planet (especially if you like games such as Donkey Kong Country- which I loved), Fifa 14 (GREAT football game!), and Little Big Planet Karting (if you like Mario Kart this is perfect). Haven’t tried all of my games yet :-)

Georges Unit Expansion Mod for Civilization 5

Hi guys, I am just posting to say that I have now finished my Civilization 5 Modification which I have been working on for a long long time! If you play Civ5, then you can download my mod either at on the CivFanaticsForums (as a Winrar Zip Archive) or can download it on the Steam Workshop- simply search for “George’s Unit Expansion Mod”

Let me tell you now all about my mod:

Requires BNW and Gods and Kings!

Georges Expansion Mod enhances gameplay and adds 9 new Units. All the units are unique, with their own abilitys and promotions and are all designed for different purposes. Most have their own unique unit art defines, and all have their own unique unit flags (the little icon that appears over the Unit’s head) and icons. Hope you enjoy :-)

NEW UNITS __________________________________________________ __

A civilian unit, able to build improvements faster than the Worker. Cannot be purchased or produced. When an enemy Great Person, worker, settler, missionary, or inquisitor is captured, it will be transformed into a slave (as of course Great people previously disappeared/were killed, making there no advantage to capturing them, plus missionarys etc stayed as the enemy’s religion, which meant that you then simply had to delete them as they were useless).

Javelin Thrower – Unlocked Bronze Working
8 Strength
8 Ranged Strength
2 Range
3 Movement

The Javelin thrower is meant for hit-and-run attacks, as it can move in, throw its javelins, and then move out (as it can move after attacking). It has a bonus vs fortifed units.

Longbowman- Unlocked Machinery (no longer the English UU)
12 Strength
12 Ranged Strength
2 Range
2 Movement

Realistically, the longbowman had less range than the crossbow. It was however, quicker to reload, and so can attack twice.

Sentry – Unlocked Chivalry
16 Strength
1 Movement

The Sentry is weak when outside of its territory, but in friendly territory has a 50% Bonus. The Sentry is designed to guard your cities (one is advisable as they cost 2 extra gold maintenance), and to keep a lookout- it had an extra three sight. The Sentry requires a Castle in the city.

Warhammer – Unlocked Steel
16 Strength
2 Movement

Has a 50% Bonus against Swordman or Longswordsman units (which – if they have Iron – the enemy would be using in battle at the time the Warhammer is available).

Gun Carriage – Unlocked Chemistry
Req 1 Horse Resource
14 Strength
20 Ranged Strength
3 Range
6 Movement

The Gun Carriage is an alternative of the Cannon. It is a mounted unit, not a siege unit (and thus has no bonus vs cities!) It has 6 moves, but its moves end when it enters rough terrain. It doesn’t need to set up to attack.

Sniper – Unlocked Rifling
26 Strength
26 Ranged Strength
2 Range
3 Movement

The Sniper is the upgrade of the Javelin Thrower, and uses the same tactics/is designed for the same reason: Hit-and-run attacks. It has three movement, and can move after attacking.

Self-Propelled Artillery – Unlocked Dynamite
20 Strength
30 Ranged Strength
3 Range
7 Movement

The upgrade of the Gun Carriage, an equivalent to the Artillery. Again, the Self-Propelled Artillery is not a Siege Unit, and has no bonus vs cities.

Crocodile Tank- Unlocked Combined Arms (now England’s UU)
Req 1 Oil Resource
65 Strength
70 Ranged Strength
2 Range
5 Movement

CVR(T) Scimitar- Unlocked Combined Arms
50 Strength
5 Movement

The CVR(T) Scimitar is the only other scouting unit bar the Scout. It has 5 movement (not affected by terrain cost).

UPDATED UNIT UPGRADE PATHS ___________________________________

Chariot Archer – Gun Carriage – Self-Propelled Artillery – Rocket Artillery

Javelin Thrower – Sniper – Machine Gun – Bazooka

Archer – Composite Bowman – Crossbowman – Sniper – Machine Gun – Bazooka

Longbowman – Sniper – Machine Gun – Bazooka

Warhammer – Musketman – Rifleman – Great War Infantry – Infantry- Mech

CVR(T) Scimitar – Modern Armor – Giant Death Robot

How To Unpack A Winrar Zip Archive

Unpacking one of these files is simple. To unpack my mod, simply right click on the package, click extract files, type in where you want the package to be unpacked/sent to. Click OK, and there you have it: the Mod files. Wherever you sent them to, they need to be placed in (Docs:) My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization 5/MODS to work.

Working On Star Wars Civ 5 Mod + Sorry I Haven’t Been Posting Much Lately!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately! I’m currently working on a Star Wars Civ 5 Mod, so I’ve been working on that a lot recently, and haven’t had time to post on my blog, or have many things to post about!

Let me tell you a bit about this Star Wars Mod I’m creating. Well, It’s gonna be the Imperial Empire (Short Name: Imperium – still not sure about this bit, open to suggestions! :-) ), and will be led by Emperor Palpatine. I’ve spent a lot of time looking up what planets, moons (And Death Stars :-) ) I will use as city names in my mod, and also reading through the Civ Modders Guide. Yesterday, I was reading about flavors- which look pretty awesome. This part is how you get your leader to be unique, and choose whether he be peaceful, or a warmonger. If he will build large armies or navies. If your leader will focus on Science, Gold, Culture. If your leader will expand, or stay small. There are so many possibilities. I can’t wait to set it :-) (Palpatine will likely be most like Genghis Khan, often Hostile, and attempting conquest over minor civs).

Also, I’ve been making a little mini “Endor” map, which I started a game on yesterday, against Genghis Khan, Oda Nobunaga, and Attila of the Huns; two of them declared war after about 15 turns!! (I was sorta testing out what it might be like to play against the Emperor :-) )

Civ: Maps, Mods, Resources and Polls

George's Civ Map Screenshot copy

After finishing my map, I finally got time to try it out! It’s a pretty cool map, but there weren’t as many resources as I thought I’d put on. It looked a little… empty :-) Maybe I’ll modify it. What do you think?

When studying the resources closely, also, I found that I’d put more Uranium on the map than any other Strategic Resource. Which Strategic Resources Would You Say Are Most Vital?

And one more thing. I started the game many times to check if it wasn’t just a coincidence, and it certainly wasn’t; every time I’ve played on this map, I always start in the same place, and I’d set 10 starting points. Any idea what the problem is? I’d really appreciate your advice! Thank you!

Civ Map Finished!!!!!!

I told you a few days ago that I was making a Civ Map. Well, yesterday evening, I finally finished it! No wonder I’d been taking so long with it though; I’d been doing every single tile individually, when I realized you can paint hexagons of 32 tiles onto the map in one click! :roll: … Well, at least I’ll know for next time :lol:

George's Civ Map Screenshot copy


Starting Points:

10 Player Starting Points

7 City State Starting Points

Width- Roughly 45 Tiles Wide

Height- Roughly 70 Tiles Tall

Barbarians- 6 Barbarian Camps + 19 Barbarians

Vital Strategic Resources:

14 Uranium Spots (Either 4 or 2 in quantity)

7 Aluminum Spots (Either 4 or 2 in quantity)

6 Iron Spots (Varying quantity- mostly 4-6)

4 Horses Spots (Varying quantity- mostly 6)

Also several coal and many oil (Esp. around the coast)

Terrain- Mostly Grassland. Also Plains and Desert. Very few tiles of snow/tundra.

Today, I’ll be making it into a mod and playing on it :D


Please feel free to ask any questions about the map, or civ gameplay, or anything relevant :D

New Custom Civ Map Made Using ‘World Builder’

Bombing Stockholm

Civ Map

I am currently making my own custom Civ Map. Over 20 tiles wide and over 20 tall, this is the ultimate map. Rich in resources, and with vital resources in settling range of your starting point, this should be an excellent map to play your first game of civ! This map is a perfectly balanced map, containing desert, plains, jungle, grassland, tundra and snow. Wondrous mountains split the scapes and territories. Contains over 10 Starting Places For Players and over 5 City State Starting Places. A truly brilliant map whether starting in the future or ancient era!

Civ Progress

My favourite victory is certainly domination :-) And that’s what I’m aiming for on my current civ game! As Harun Al Rashid, I have conquered the empires of Bismarck, Sweden, Oda And Suleiman, as well as taking the capitals of Dido Of Carthage and Maria Theresa. All I need to do now to win the domination victory is conquer Moscow, Catherine Of Russia’s capital! It shouldn’t be hard, as I have St. Petersburg through a trade for 17.000 Gold, which in right next to Moscow (And within a Nuclear Missile’s Range certainly)!

Civilization 5: Domination and New Beginnings

After conquering Holland, Ethiopia, and the mighty Celts, and conquering the capitals of Genghis Khan and Byzantium, I finally won Domination for the first time on the Warlord setting! (The diplomatic marriage ability also helped for city states, though I did conquer a few of them without the help of it!) :D

Today, I started a new game, as the Mayans! Pacal’s ability (Long Count) is awesome, plus three Uranium mines help me guard my capital with Giant Death Robots and back my arsenals with Nukes! There is also so much space on this map, it’s unbelievable. Does anyone know, does the map get larger for the more civs you use?! … … … …

All the city states besides me are afraid. And they have reason to be! I have a mighty empire, and a strong army. By asking for tribute, I add to my treasury, which is growing 322 a turn! (top left!)

Please comment :D, and if you’re a beginner, or want to get Civ (buy here), please feel free to ask me any civ-related questions or advice! ;-)

The Maya Screenshot

I Win!!! ** JUST DANCE 2 COMPETITION!! ** ** Music Videos From Rihanna and Franz Ferdinand!! **

Yesterday, I had this Wii (JUST DANCE) dance competition with a friend called Bryony. Now, I thought she was going to absolutely thrash me at every song. We took it in turns to choose songs. She first picked Rihanna S.O.S. I got 10,030 and she got 9100! I was so amazed that I had beaten her! Then, I chose Holiday. And I beat her at that too! And the next song! And the next! But then, maybe I got a bit too overconfident ‘cos I then lost to her on “Jump” by 3000!! :D

What sort of scores do you average on Just Dance?

Liebster Award


Wow! Another award!
Thanks so much to DaleCooper57 for nominating me for this awesome award! Please check out his blog!

Here are the bloggers that I chose to nominate:


This award is a bit different to some others, and I’ve never been awarded it before. What you have to do is:

  1. In the post, include the logo plus thank and put a link to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you have been given, then create any number of questions to give to your nominees.
  3. Nominate 5 or more bloggers, and notify them that you have done so.
  4. Sit back and relax :D

What made you start your blog?

Oh. Hard question! I’ve had blogs before and I’ve really enjoyed doing them. So I decided to start this one. At first, I did it just for my Batamon cards, but then I just started to share everything with my friends on the blog!

How did you pick your theme?

It was one of the top themes, so I chose about of about three or four themes. I liked this one because it was simple, and looked sort of like a scrapbook, which, you could say, is what my blog is.

What band would you join if you could?

Either Mountain Goats or Hot Chip. These are two of my favourite bands at the moment.

What new ending would you give a movie, and why?

This is really hard, because all movies that I’ve watched have been classics, and have the best endings you could possibly think up. But, I’ll have a go! Star Wars- I think Darth Vader should have lived on, and become a Jedi master. Or maybe in the Robin Hood BBC Series, Robin Hood shouldn’t have died. He got poisoned, but his merry men had already healed him from several other poisons. So, It’s sort of a bit weird.

What animal would you bring back from extinction, and why?

A do-do, because they’re just so awesome!

And now, for my nominees, here are the questions I will give to you:

  1. What Do You Think About Home-Educating?
  2. If You Could Be Anyone On The Planet, Who Would It Be?
  3. Do You Prefer Writing or Reading? Why?
  4. What Foods Do You Think Make People Fat?