Fallen Rose- A Poem

Here is a poem I wrote a few days ago! Hope you enjoy it! (BTW… More symbolism ;-) )

A beautiful photograph of a wild rose taken by my dad.

A beautiful photograph of a wild rose taken by my Dad


The dark raven swoops

To rip the beautiful rose

From its once firm stem


And as it passes

Tears deep into its

Valiant Lupin’s blue, blue buds

With devastating talons


The Rains Of Love

Fields of corn sway gently in the breeze

Soft and beautiful birdsong fills the air

Flowers climb towards the rising sun

Burn brightly as they absorb…

The rains of love


This poem describes a beautiful spring! Flowers are blooming brightly! Crops are growing! The birds sing their beautiful song!…

But this poem has a half hidden meaning. I’ll give you one clue. A certain quote about love…

Black and White Flower Photography

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Cynthia who nominated me for this award. Please check out her blog. I think it is really excellent and I’m sure you’ll like it too:

Seven Random Things About Myself:

I like to wear rings. I’ve got one glittery gold one from (It’s a bit gaudy though!), and one, which is much more tasteful, which I got from the Buddhist Centre in Norwich.

I’ve been going  to Drama Club since November last year. I really enjoy it, and It’s really helped me with my social skills and confidence.

I’m Home-Educated. I did go to school up until the age of 8 though. I have recently been playing with the idea of going to school again though.

I love to write stories. I am currently writing one called Rock- Revenge. It’s a superhero story. I have recently finished the front cover too, which you can see on my page, “Rock- Revenge”.

I have a pet snake called Corny (I needn’t tell you what type of snake he is!)

A while ago I made my own blogger award called The Silver Quill Blogger Award.

I love dogs. I hate cats. Reason- my family’s dogs don’t like cats. And, Cats are always dumping in our garden. And my Mum is allergic to them. And they kill lovely little birds just to disgust their owners. And domestic cats are destroying the natural Eco-system of Australia.

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Dandelion or Taraxacum Officinalis

Dandelion is often considered a annoying, quick-spreading weed, but in fact it has many healing properties. It can be used to help skin problems, acne, hepatitis, anaemia, stomach-ache, constipation, blood purification, indigestion and eczema.

Dandelion can be used in all sorts of herbal healing potions. Dandelion coffee (a strong tea made with dandelions) is loved throughout much of Europe. Whereas normal coffee hurts the liver with heat and toxins, this dandelion brew does the exact opposite! With no toxins or heat infecting your liver, you will feel more relaxed and much less irritable and easily angered. Drink twice a day for acne.

Dandelion leaves can be added uncooked to salads and soups. These leaves are high in minerals (great for your blood and nerves) and vitamins (helps your skin and improves eyesight). You could also use many other type of leaves, including fennel leaves.

Calendula / Marigold or Calendula Officinalis

Pot Marigold- or Calendula – flowers can be a great help to wounds, stings, burns, cuts, chickenpox, measles, aches, fevers, sore eyes, cramp, bleeding, rashes (including Nappy Rash), bronchitis, ulcers, earache, warts (!!!) and skin irritation.

Pot Marigold can be used in teas, powders, salves (the salves may work for animal and pets too) and skin balm. You can also use Marigold flowers as a natural dye (yellow-coloured). Other flowers and berries and barks work for dyeing thing different colours.

Did You Know?

Calendula dye was once used to dye cheese yellow! Nowadays cheese is dyed yellow with a natural colouring called Annatto. Sometimes it is dyed with artificial colours, but this is banned in Europe.

Tomatoes with Gooseberry Jam

In the morning, we made a Chilli to go in the slow cooker ready for dinner. Rafe and Mum went to Rafe’s swimming lesson, so Me and Dad were left to sort out the rest and set the table ready for them returning. We had this Great Idea of Tomato Stuffed with Gooseberry Jam :D

How awesome do they look: