Pancakes, Masterchef and Weird And Wonderful Foods!!!

I’ve really been getting into cooking recently! I’ve made lunches, roasted things in the oven, experimented, and helped with dinners. Then, this week, I decided to attempt to make my own batch of pancakes. I was surprised how well I got on. I felt quite relaxed once I’d got a rhythm going. Pour in the mixture. Flip. Take the tray of previously-made pancakes out the oven. Spatula the pancake into the dish. Pour in the mixture. Put the glass dish back in the oven. Flip… etc, etc. Some could have done with a little bit more cooking to make them a bit crispier and I haven’t quite got hang of making swishing the mixture around the pan quite quick enough… yet. But I was quite pleased with myself… and was delighted that my mum, dad and brother liked them and had 3 each! :D :D :D


Since then, I’ve helped to make Mince Pies with gluten-free flour (which believe me, is very, very hard! :D), helped chop the chicken and leeks for yesterday’s cheese, leek and chicken casserole, and much more! I’ve felt really enthusiastic about cooking, and made myself a goal to learn to cook well! :D

I think one of the things that really inspired me to want to cook was watching Masterchef, and reading the Masterchef Cookbook (Which I might just have to buy; I only got it out of the library!) I was also very inspired by Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck! :D I absolutely looooooooooved the look of his dessert- The BFG (Black Forest Gateau). I thought the idea of using the chocolate paint to almost hide the 9 layers of perfection beneath was amazing! Ingenious! And the bacon and egg ice cream, such a strange… and yet beautiful dish. I love how Heston turns meals on their heads… Savory lollipops…… hot AND iced tea…… snails that actually taste nice :D I was really inspired by his cooking! Inspired to cook and experiment, inspired to help mum in the kitchen at any opportunity, inspired to start keeping a cookery notebook… inspired to want to¬† learn to cook well!